May 30, 2014

Decorating with Metal for a Modern Home

Decorating with metal in modern homes is proving popular and theres seemingly no end of possibilities for homeowners to pursue. From metal lamp shades to metal coffee tables and metal wall sculptures, homeowners are presented with a wide array of possibilities when decorating their modern homes with metal.

Metal art - Back in fashion
Metal art, particularly metal wall art, was popular in the 60s and 70s and then kind of disappeared; however, its making a reappearance and resurgence due much in part to television shows like Mad Men.

This, however, doesnt mean that metal art only works well with homes decorated in styles from those periods as it is proving very popular in modern homes, so think 2000 onwards rather than the 60s and 70s.

Offsetting metal art, fittings and furnishings
When decorating modern homes with metal art, fittings and furnishings its highly recommended that homeowners offset the use of metal with organic materials like wood as the often cold appearance of metal can make modern homes look somewhat cold and uninviting.

This doesnt detract from the unique appearance of metal art, fittings and furniture in any way, but instead makes for a more inviting home; moreover, it doesnt take much at all to make an item of metal furniture more inviting, for example, placing a wooden bowl on a metal coffee table, a vase with fresh flowers in the middle of a metal dining table or a colourful cushion on a metal chair.

Metal sculptures and modern homes
Metal sculptures can make quite an impression in modern homes though they also lend themselves well to traditional homes, especially religious art like Buddha sculptures, the likes of which are constantly being reinvented by modern artists whilst still retaining their traditional and timeless charms.

Metal sculptures can be bought online at Amazon or eBay, directly from artists who work in metal at markets and their home studios and many of the metal sculptures that people purchase to bring a sense of uniqueness to their modern homes are acquired on a commissioned basis, with customers discussing their ideas with artists and allowing them their artistic freedom to create something inimitable and unique.

Metal art and decoration ideas
There are seemingly no limits to using metal decorations in modern homes. Metal wall art is among the most popular variety of metal art in modern homes, with many homeowners creating eye-catching focal points in the middle of blank walls and others using smaller, coordinated pieces spread across walls.

The colour of your walls is important to consider when purchasing metal wall art, as are the colours of your furniture, though silver metal wall art works well with most colours and can make quite a dazzling centre piece on any wall when well selected and hung at the right level so as to catch the eye of those who enter the room in which its hung.
Metal furniture
There are many benefits afforded to homeowners who opt for metal furniture over other varieties of furniture, especially those who have a taste for metal decorations, including durability and longevity, its hygienic properties and the ease in which its cleaned.

Metal furniture is popular both indoors and out, though any metal furniture placed outside must be properly treated so as to not rust as this would detract from its appearance and may also pose a safety threat.

When decorating your modern home, dont overlook the amazing possibilities that metal art, fittings and furniture presents and explore the possibilities presented to you thoroughly - there are so many ways to make your modern home even more unique with metal.

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