May 29, 2014

Lessons on Reticulation – Perth Lawn Care Specialists Share Smart Tips for Effective Yard Watering

A big, well-maintained lawn presents a lot of benefits to property owners, aesthetic- and function-wise. However, the process of making sure the yard is beautifully landscaped and cared for is rarely an easy one. You cannot just rely on nature to take its course; like all living things, grass and plants need to be nurtured well so they can develop to their fullest potential as property assets.

One of the important things to consider for effective lawn care is proper reticulation. Perth lawn and garden experts say that creating a smart water distribution system can address a large chunk of the issues most lawns experience. Those bare spots and withered grass concentrated on certain areas that often require new turf laying, Perth lawn care specialists say, can be prevented if property owners would go beyond the basic hose or sprinkler watering system.

To “hydrate” the entire lawn, a network of watering systems must be created, and when this network is created, the scheduling and the amount of water dispersed can be programmed as well. The good news is that all these are possible with advanced and strategic reticulation systems, for garden technology has become quite smart; property owners can minimise their efforts but actually achieve much better results.

Now, to further make reticulation more effective, here are some important lessons on watering to consider.

Water enough.Too much or too little is rarely good for the development of grass and other plants. “Just enough” means one inch of water a week for lawns, and thoroughly moist soil for both new and long-established plants. Do monitor the soil moistness around new plants because they tend to drink up more water as they’re growing their roots. As for established ones, make sure the wetness of the soil goes down a couple inches deep – just stick an index finger into the soil to check how deep the water was absorbed.

Water on schedule.Timing plays a great role in proper reticulation. For yard sprinklers, scheduling them to run for about 30 minutes in the morning, three to four times a week will make sure grass is adequately hydrated. This routine is especially necessary for new lawn installation, Perth lawn service professionals claim. For drip bags, on the other hand, they must be set on the ground right next to new plants which naturally need more water; the drip bags can provide hydration for three to five hours.

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