May 2, 2014

How to Buy Chimney Caps?

Is your house accompanied with Chimneys to let the hot gases out? If yes, you must think about covering your chimney with the cap. Though many give a thought to buy a cap for their chimneys to protect it from rain and animal debris, they are confused about the cap that they should select for their chimney. The current article stands as guide to help you in buying the cap for your chimney.

Chimney caps are available in the market in different shapes and sizes and it is pretty difficult to choose the cap that is required for your chimney. Before initiating your efforts to buy a cap for chimney, you should know the type of chimney you have in the house. This will help you determine the best caps that fits your requirements. Masonry chimneys are constructed with stone and brick and metal chimneys are factory made and come with cap fit on them. Most of them choose to have masonry chimneys because Mother Nature elements are more resistant than manmade elements.

The first priority that should be given while selecting the cap for the chimney is its size. One should choose the cap that is bigger than the size of the chimney. This is to protect your chimney from the rain water. If the size of the cap is big, the rain water falls off from the sides of the chimney instead of crown. There are different caps available for chimney depending on the requirement. You can even make your house look stylish with the help of the decorative caps available in the market.

If you don’t want to spend much on the caps that cover chimney, you can  choose single flu caps. These caps are available at affordable cost and are made up of strong material. If you wish to offer extra protection to your chimney, you can choose multi vent caps. The cost of these caps is little high when compared to single flu caps but offers an extra protection to your chimney. Anybody who wanted to keep the performance of the chimney high all the time, you can choose air cooled insulated caps. Apart from protecting the vent from the animals, it even keeps the chimney away from the moisture so, the performance of the chimney will be high all the time. The price of these insulated air cool caps varies depending on the size and durability of the caps.

Another factor that you should consider in choosing the caps is type of flu you wanted. Irrespective of the type of the chimney you have in the house, you can either choose between extended flues and recessed interior flue if you choose extended flu caps, it will be visible on the top of your chimney and can be easily fitted with the help of screws. On the contrary, if you are choosing recessed interior construction flues, you may require leg kit or bracket for installing cap on the chimney. 


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