May 23, 2014

How to Raise Your Chances of Becoming a Manager

Theres much more involved in getting promoted to management than going out of your way to be nice to your boss; in fact, thats generally something managers dont want, i.e.sucking up, from candidates for promotions.

In addition to schmoozing up to your boss, here are seven mistakes to avoid when trying to get promoted to management.

1.   Trying too hard
2.   Annoying management
3.   Picking the wrong time or place to discuss matters
4.   Equating longevity with promotions
5.   Asking for a promotion in an inappropriate manner
6.   Overshooting your target
7.   Neglecting your long-term goals trying for a promotion

Understanding what to avoid when trying for a promotion to management is just as important as understanding what management is looking for in candidates for promotion and how to conduct yourself when approaching management to discuss your chances of promotion.
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7 ways to increase your chances of being promoted to management

1.   Show management that you have a strong work ethic
Management want to see a strong work ethic in those they consider for management level positions and this often involves, amongst other things, understanding what managements expectations of you are, understanding what yourcompetitorsare doing and delivering whats required of you accurately and on time. 

2.   Demonstrate how well you fit in with the companys culture
Each and every company has their own company culture and its rare for anyone who doesnt fit in with this culture to be considered for promotion.

Company cultures define companies and their differences from others, so company culture can be seen to include the companys ethics, goals, mission, values and their expectations of their employees in the work environment theyve created.

3.   Increase your visibility in the workplace
The timeless adageout of sight out of mindis particularly relevant to promotions in the workplace and youre going to be overlooked for promotions to management if those responsible for appointing candidates for promotions dont notice you.

Contribute something meaningful at meetings, discuss your career goals with management at a favourable time and promote your accomplishments without bragging about them to catch the eye of management.

4.   Think big and take calculated risks
Thinking big and voicing your ideas confidently will help you to catch the eye of management, though how naturally doing so comes to you is the real question hereyou may have to rebel against your gut instincts.

Taking calculated risks is another way to attract the attention of management, so use your years of experience to take calculated risks.

5.   Demonstrate your loyalty to the company
The loyalty you display to the company you work for is one of the most important factors in receiving a promotion to management and displaying loyalty can help you to overcome other obstacles that are standing in your way.

Demonstrating that your personal values are in line with those of your company instils trust in management and can significantly improve your chances of winning that promotion youve had your sights set on.

6.   Earn qualifications required of management level employees
There are usually certain qualifications required of management level employees and without these qualifications theres a good chance that youll continue to be overlooked for promotions until youve earned them.

Enrolling in department specific management level training courses, for instance a public relations course for positions in Human Resource, could be exactly whats required of you to ascend the hierarchical ladder to management at your company.

7.   Have a plan and stay the course
Ascending the ladder at work often requires a plan and it also requires you to stay the course even in the face of great adversity.
Bear in mind that you probably wont get promoted immediately, but whilst youre working towards that promotion youre gaining experience and hopefully, increasing your confidencean important managerial trait.

Additionally, bear in mind that you might never possess what it takes to win a promotion at your current place of employment and you might therefore find it advantageous to find a new job at a company with a company culture that fits you more snugly its often the case that being promoted to management at a particular company was never meant to be.

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