Feb 10, 2012

Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Party

For the perfect outdoor party you need to have a great area for entertaining. Having patios or a veranda is perfect as it will give you a good amount of shade or shelter. Kit homes look fantastic with outdoor entertainment areas and are perfect for throwing outdoor parties.

Guest list

Think about the occasion before you make out the guest list. It might be something where you just invite family and close friends or you could be throwing a big party and invite lots of friends and acquaintances. For an interesting night you might want to get friends to bring along one of their friends, even if it is someone you haven't met before. This way you can make a whole lot of new friends and the mix of people will make for some interesting conversations.


Plan your menu well before the party just in case you have to get the butcher to prepare something special or you need to have certain seafood or other hard to find foods ordered in. This is also the case if you have anyone coming with unusual dietary requirements. Instead of just having a barbecue why not have a theme with your menu and have a seafood night, cook dishes of Indian or Thai food.

Entertainment area

Having a good entertainment area will help make your outdoor parties a success. You will need a good covered area, either a veranda or patio, and a paved or timber decking creates adequate flooring for your entertainment area. Buy the best barbecue you can afford and make it a permanent feature by having it built in. If you plan on entertaining often you might want to think about installing an outdoor kitchen.

If you have a larger entertainment area this is easier to achieve and your outdoor kitchen can include your barbecue, extra storage space, large benches for you to prepare and serve food, a sink and even a bar fridge. Have the benches constructed out of a material that will withstand the weather, such as marble, other stone bench tops or even smooth concrete.


Don't switch on the overhead fluorescent lighting as it is a harsh lighting and doesn't create much of a mood. Set up fairy lights around your garden, buy some cheap tiki lights and switch on any garden lights. If guests are arriving after dark have the garden lights on in the front yard and even light the pathway with lights that point up out of the ground. If you don't have garden lights candles work just as well which you can protect from any breeze by standing in jars or vases. If you have a pool, then switch on the pool light giving your party a lovely glow.


For a bit of fun you might want to have a theme for your party. Dressing up can help break the ice for people who don't know each other and it can make for a really fun evening. You can continue the theme through from costumes, decorations and even the menu.
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