Feb 22, 2012

Buying a Home – Who Can Help You

Buying a new home can be a lengthy and tricky process, but you don't have to tackle it alone. There are many professionals out there that can help you through this sometimes difficult and stressful time. For example using conveyancing services is important when going through the transfer of the title of the land into your name as this is not a simple process and although you can do it yourself you are better off paying the conveyancing fees and having it done properly. There are a number of people who can help you buy a home, so don't feel you are alone and have to make these important decisions on your own.

Real estate agent

When you first start looking at houses it is likely that you will enlist the help of a real estate agent. You might browse through newspapers, magazines or the internet and contact an agent who is selling a particular house that you like. You can also contact an agency and ask them to find a house for you or one that is perfect as an
investment property Sydney. You might want a home within a certain location and price range, need a certain number of bedrooms, you might prefer a home without a garden or want a house with acreage. An agent will let you know when a property that suits your needs comes up. To increase your chances of finding something you are best to register with several real estate agents.

Mortgage broker

Once you have found the house you will need to apply to a bank or money lender for a home loan. A mortgage broker can make this whole process so much easier for you as they will approach the lenders for you and secure the best loan. You will need to meet with the mortgage broker and they will ask for pieces of information like personal details, tax returns, letters from employers and other information detailing your income. You do not pay a mortgage broker directly for their services. It is the lender who you end up borrowing through that pays the mortgage broker's fee.


The bank will help you by lending you the money to buy your home. You will discuss with them how much you need and they will let you know how much they are able to lend you based on your income. There is likely to be choices to make regarding what your home loan offers so make sure you spend time with the bank going through what each loan entails.


When it comes to buying the property or an
investment property in Sydney you should use a conveyancing service. A conveyancer handles transferring the title of the property from the current owner into your name. They can also assist you with other things, such as giving advice or bidding on your behalf at an auction. You can handle all the necessary paper work and transfer of titles yourself but it is a complicated process and it is recommended that you use a conveyancer.


When you find a home get some professional advice from a fully qualified builder. Have the builder go through the property and check to see whether it needs any work done, such as re-stumping or re-wiring. They will be able to tell you if there is termite damage or anything that will require you to spend more than what you would pay to buy the house.

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