Feb 23, 2012

Tips and Techniques to Make Carpets More Hygienic

Carpet is one of the most popular choices for flooring these days, but it can also be a lot of work to clean and maintain. A carpet can be an extremely comforting piece of decor to have in your home, however without regular maintenance it can become dirty and unhealthy. Throughout it's life, a carpet will be subject to a lot of abuse from heavy furniture, from people walking on it and through having things spilt on it. Here are a few tips for carpet maintenance that will help ensure your carpet remains clean and safe at all times:

Buy Toxin-free Carpet
Right from the start, your average carpet will release unhealthy chemicals into the air. These harmful chemicals follow your carpet from the manufacturing plant into your home, where they become volatile over time and make the air in your home unsafe to breathe. The chemicals come in the form of adhesives, stain protectors, mothproofing and flame retardants, but are easy to avoid if you buy new carpet that is organic and toxin-free. Even just laying your carpet with staples rather than glue, will go a long way to ensure the air you and your family breathes is clean and safe.

Keep it Out of the Elements
There are some rooms in your home that just shouldn't be carpeted. Rooms such as the bathroom and the kitchen are areas of high traffic and are known to get dirty fast. In addition, these rooms are also subject to higher than normal humidity, which is very bad for your carpet. Any carpet that gets wet regularly and can't be dried out properly will begin to grow mould and other bacteria that are extremely harmful for your lungs. Having
blinds to keep out direct sunlight will also do wonders for extending the life of your carpet.

Leave Harsh Chemicals Outside
Carpets are notorious for absorbing materials from their surroundings and providing them with a place to accumulate. Every time you paint the walls of your home, toxins from the paint fumes are absorbed and trapped in your carpet. Any time you spray your home for bugs, these chemicals also begin to settle into your carpet. You can prevent the build up of external toxins in your carpet by using safe and non-toxic paint as well as by finding a chemical-free way to rid your home of pests. You can also keep your carpet free of many outdoor chemicals, such as pesticides, simply by having people take their shoes off at the door.

Clean it Regularly
To keep dirt, dust and other particles from building up in your carpet, it's really important to vacuum it constantly. This is the very least you can do when it comes to maintaining your carpet, and it should be done at least once a week; in addition to vacuuming, you should steam clean your carpet every six months. A steam cleaner can do everything a vacuum can, only it’s more effective at removing dirt that is ground into the fibres, as well as help get rid of clingy dust mites and bacteria.

Carpet is a wonderful flooring option for any home. And as long as you take care of it properly from the start you should find that your carpet lasts a long time and stays hygienic and safe for your family.
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Zikir dan Kontemplasi said...

good tips for carpet care, thanks for sharing

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It is good to consider the right tips and techniques to make carpet looks clean always.

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Thanks for sharing carpet cleaning tips and ways to keep them hygienic.

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I have tried these tips and all of these are working but if anyone found these tips hard can hire a professional carpet cleaning service provider.

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