Feb 19, 2012

Click: 5 Reasons to Shop from Home

Christmas is just around the corner – as is Christmas shopping, and this year more than ever, you should stay home and away from the shops. It sounds like an ominous warning, doesn’t it? But it’s not, think of it more as a hint—though you shouldn’t need one, because the evidence is right in front of your face!

The Australian retail market is floundering – a global market of clothes, gift baskets, trinkets, vouchers and other great gifts and products has opened up, offering lower prices, ease of access and an amazing range. While this is a negative for the Aussie economy, it is great news for the discerning buyer, who wants to purchase high quality gifts, but doesn’t want to pay the earth for them.

Still not convinced? Well here are five reasons to shop from home this Christmas:

1. The crowds
Let’s face it, Christmas is a busy time – like the rest of the year – and most of us are left with no time to smell the
roses, undertaking our shopping at the very last minute. This means hustle and bustle, big crowds, ruined displays and a sense of rushing and competing the whole time you’re trying to thoughtfully shop. Logging onto the net at home and doing your shopping that way saves you the hassle of big crowds, means you can browse for as long as you like without too much risk of someone coming up next to you and stealing your perfect gift.

2. Stock
Ever been in one of the situations when you’ve looked all day and come up with nothing, and then finally at the last minute, when you’ve all but given up, you set your eyes on the perfect gift. But the last one is broken and you’re going to have to traipse through all the shops to find another one. One of the great things about online shopping is all the shops are at your fingertips. So instead of walking through shop after shop, you simply search for the gift you’ve found to see if there are any other online stores that stock it.

3. Shop in advance
While it can be hard to find the time to shop, you can likely find five spare minutes to get online. This means you don’t have to leave your shopping to the last minute, you can do it little by little in the five minutes you have spare each night. Getting it done in advance will relieve the other stresses and pressures of Christmas, and leave you more time to deal with them.

4. Get anything you want
Almost anything you can dream of, you can get online. The range contained in the endless global stores online will not only mean you can cater for the gift requirements of every age, you can also cater for any passion, hobby, phase or sporting craze.

5. Get personal
If you’re looking to get something personal, or something a little naughty, you may find it difficult and embarrassing to walk into a shop and make the transaction in person. Online, you remain anonymous and safe behind a screen, so can purchase whatever you want!
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onie said...

Happy Sunday lina.

Soulful said...

hmmm.. isn't it too early for Christmas shopping? hehe..

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