Feb 13, 2012

Home Improvements to Complete Before Summer

Before summer arrives there are a few home improvements you should complete to help you survive the heat. Whether you choose to spend a lot and put in a new pool or make smaller additions to your home, like adding a retractable awning, there are plenty of things you can do to help you keep cool this summer. You can also put security screens on your windows, which will not only keep your home secure but will mean that you can leave your windows open both day and night and no insects will be able to get in.


Putting a pool in is a fairly big financial decision and not something that you decide to do on a whim. If you have decided to take the plunge then have a good look around at the different styles of pools and choose one that is going to not only suit your budget, but match the style of your house. You will need to install a safety fence with a childproof safety gate and finish off your pool nicely with non-slip tiles or pavers surrounding it. Having heating will prolong the use of your pool and if you have the space and the money you might want to look at building a pool house.

Create shade

By building a veranda or patio, or even installing retractable awnings around your home you will create the perfect entertainment area. It is great to be able to eat outdoors during summer but you do need to be able to escape the heat and avoid sunburn. A veranda or patio are permanent structures which will give you the flexibility of using your outdoor area all year round. With a retractable awning you can create shade when you need it by extending the awning, or put it away if you want to have a sunny outdoor area.

Plant trees

If you have just recently built a new home on a vacant block you should start planting trees as soon as possible so that they have plenty of time to become established. They might not be big enough to provide any shade this summer but you will appreciate their shelter in the years to come.

Security doors and screens

You can keep your home a lot cooler in summer by having security doors and screens install in your home. By having security doors you will be able to keep your front and back doors open, while still having the security doors locked, and this will allow the breeze to blow through your house which will significantly cool it down. The flow of air through your house does reduce the overall temperature. Security screens can be put on your windows meaning you can keep your windows open both during the day and through the night, and any cool breeze can come in through the windows, but bugs and intruders cannot.

Air conditioning

Another great improvement you can make to your home before summer is to install an air conditioner. Split systems are very effective, are not too costly and are easy to install.
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Yen said...

Nice post, I am planning to renovate the house and this bits of info is cool. Nice one Ms.Lina:)

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