Feb 8, 2012

4 Steps to Introducing a Baby to your Home

Preparing your home for your baby is a natural party of parenthood. In popular culture it is referred to as nesting and it can include everything from decorating the spare room to preparing with a good long sleep. There are many stages to ‘nesting’ and not all of them will seem immediately obvious. Typically, first time parents will spend a lot of time buying things (in excess) for their new baby when there are far more useful things that they can be doing. This article will consider some of the ways you can practically prepare for the arrival of your baby.

1. Safety comes first

When you live alone with your young and healthy partner safety is often neglected through an arrogant belief that you can look after yourself. This may well be true in most cases but when you have a baby home security becomes vitally important. Fire alarms take on a new significance because whilst you may survive jumping from a first floor window to escape a fire, your infant will not. It is essential that you install alarms to provide you with an early warning system because babies will suffer from smoke inhalation and burns far sooner than an adult will.

The physical security of your home also becomes more important when you have a baby because your role is to protect your child at all costs. Make sure you invest in a quality home security system so that you are immediately alerted to the presence of intruders. Other measures like installing security lights and creating a gravel driveway will help to alert you of intruders on your property.

2. Look after yourself

Baby food is wonderfully provided by nature so it really isn’t something you need to worry about. The baby will, however, take up a lot of your time so you won’t always be able to look after yourself as you are used to. The best preparation you can make to help yourself recuperate is to fill your freezer with healthy home cooked meals so that you can maintain a healthy diet without the stress of cooking every day.

3. Get a car seat

Most hospitals will stop you from discharging your baby if you do not have a car seat. A car seat will help to protect your child whilst it is in your car and will enable you to transport it safely. It is a necessary purchase so make sure that you get one well in advance of birth and practice securing it properly so that you know your baby is safe once it does arrive.

4. Get the ‘nest’ ready

It is obviously nice to decorate properly and get baby clothes and toys ready, but there is actually very little preparation you need to make to your home for a new born baby. It will be a while before the baby is crawling around so you should focus on cleaning the house thoroughly and preparing to make both the baby and yourself comfortable. Focusing on creating an environment in which you can quickly recuperate will enable you to best cope with the introduction of a new born baby into your home.

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