Dec 14, 2017

Top 5 Modern Room Decorating Ideas

There is no one specific definition of modern or contemporary architectural designs or décor themes. Varying themes, techniques as well as styles can be labeled under the category of contemporary forms of décor.

Overall though, the basic foundation is to ensure that everything utilized has some form of a purpose or reasoning behind its placement at a specific spot. If you are in search of the perfect ideas for modern room décor, then the below mentioned suggestions of the Top 5 Modern Room Decorating Ideas should be given consideration:

Utilization of Core Architectural Elements
Contemporary décor or decoration themes primarily consist of utilizing architectural elements of the space in the form that it may be. Keeping the concrete walls grey, in their pure form without the use of any paint or wallpapers, particularly in high ceiling rooms when merged with wood floors helps give out a very contemporary outlook.

Accessories such as a moderately sized white vase, furniture as well as white shelves for books alongside bright purple bed sheets can ideally bring out the best in a room with a modern theme.

Color Featuring Simple Artwork
If you do not consider yourself to be a fan of bare or concrete walls as those mentioned above, then the next best bet to attain a contemporary décor within rooms is to opt for painting the walls or sticking up wallpapers. For a more modern touch, patterns featuring straight shapes or repetitive lines can be used efficiently.

Paint styles with simplistic designs such as the outlined shape of tulips can be an excellent example of creating a lovely; yet, a contemporary styled room.

The utilization of Natural Light
Dark curtains or panels should be avoided when trying to attain a modern outlook on a room. Light when penetrating undisturbed within a room can efficiently enhance not only the overall color of the décor by making it reflect but also help avoid a dull look via sufficient natural lighting.

Bedroom Accessories
Modern décor designs regardless of which category they may belong to, have a similar foundation; simplicity. Room accessories such as placement of extensively bright colors soft memory foam pillows, or nice bedding accessories can help your bed look updated. Don’t put too much furniture in your room as an overly crowded room with furniture can completely throw off the desired effect.

Essential decorative elements such as bookshelves, vase, candles can; however, be opted for depending on their color theme.

Maximize the Soothing Elements
Whether its sleeping one may prefer, or like for the room to be lit up entirely via natural lighting, one must keep personal comfort as well as preferences in mind. A fully plush bedding as well as soft, comfortable bedding, or sitting chairs should not be overlooked.

Rugs or carpets particularly those that may belong to the middle-east deliver a soothing effect to the room instantly, especially when the natural coloring of the wooden floor has been kept intact.

Everyone’s personal comfort as well as preferences must be considered when trying to design a bedroom fully. One of the sole reasons behind why a large percentage of the population does not opt for contemporary looking room themes is due to the assumption that it fails to provide optimal relaxation. It was due to the exact reasoning why comfort should always be kept as a priority.

Author Bio:
Hardy is a professional interior decorator who likes to blog about latest home decorating trends. She believes that it is very important to have a comfortable and well styled personal space in each house as it’s crucial to living a happy and healthy life. She likes hanging out with friends in her free time. You can read her latest posts on

Dec 13, 2017

4 Ways to Improve Your Office Interior to Increase Your Team’s Work Ethic

Many companies are refurbishing their offices to create personal and creative work environments; choosing to reflect the business through their interior and meet changing employee needs. Some reports suggest that overhauling your office environment could be just the catalyst you need to boost your team’s mood and work ethic. But why would office décor affect productivity, here’s 4 reasons:
creative office design

1.   Inspiration
Typical office designs can be monotone and tasteless -uninspired staff generally display a lack of creativity and a decrease in productivity. However, individuality is extremely appealing and alluring; an employee that wants to come to work is an employee who is happy to work, inspiring them to produce fresh ideas for the company.

2.   Ergonomics
More than just being a health and safety requirement for offices to review employee’s desking and chair set up, ergonomic furniture is becoming increasingly popular and trendy in the workplace. Ergonomic furniture has been proven to reduce back pain, improve posture and prevent many health issues, including high blood pressure.With all that in mind, ergonomic furniture is also being designed according to current fashions and trends, another reason why it is favoured in new office designs.

3.   Layout
Certain office layouts create distractions for employees while others disrupt communication. Design your office to be suitable for everyone within your business; if your company deals with many different roles, consider separating offices for each role, therefore other employees won’t be distracted with problems that don’t relate to them. Similarly, if your company requires all your employees to work together, you may be inclined towards an open plan office, enabling the team to discuss openly and face-to-face.

4.   Stress Relief
Design your office interior to have an impact on individual comfort at work, if your team are happy within their work environment, they’re more likely to be productive. Employees that feel considerably on edge are distracted, so choose to install an environment where they feel safe and considered, for example; a relaxation room to escape the stress and pressures within work, unique décor to inspire and relate with staff or consider slides and pool tables to alleviate some of the tension.

We can all get bogged down with work and creative office design is a factor which may prevent this from affecting employees work ethic – by providing a space that enables staff to work effectively and installing areas where they can escape work on their breaks, businesses prove that they care about their team’s health both mentally and physically, and want to equip them with the tools to be their absolute best at work.

How a Faulty Heating System Can Affect Your Home and Roof

Everyone wants to keep themselves warm during the cold season. This has lead to an increase in the number of homeowners who install a heating system in their home. It is important to have your home heating system regularly checked for maintenance. Having a faulty heating system might cause problems that might outweigh its benefits. Read on below.

A faulty heating system causes great discomfort to the occupants of your home.

One of the most telltale signs of a faulty heating system is that the rooms in the house greatly vary in temperature. The temperature shift is caused by the thermostat switching the HVAC system on and off even if it’s not necessary to do so. The rooms that are furthest from the central heating unit will not get enough heat in order to reach the desired temperature.

A faulty heating system can cause health concerns.

A faulty heating system can cause serious health concerns, especially if you use a gas heater. This may lead to production of carbon monoxide, a deadly gas. Inhaling high levels of this deadly gas can make you pass out or even die. What makes things worse is that this gas is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. It may be too late before you realize that you are in danger.

In addition, a faulty heating system can cause inconsistent temperatures in each room. Shifting between hot and cold environments can increase blood pressure.

A faulty heating system can lead to higher utility bills.

Your utility bills will always be affected no matter what type of heating system you use, whether it be an electric heat pump or gas heater. An electric-powered blower is still needed to circulate the hot air through the ductwork of your home. A defective heating system will no longer consume energy efficiently. This will be evident in the increase of your utility bills.

A faulty heating system can damage your roof.

Heating systems that are installed in your roof like rooftop solar water heater experience galvanic corrosion. This is the result of two different metals that come into contact with each other. This leads to formation of rust in the steel or iron component of the heating system. The damage might extend to your roof and can cause leakage. This will increase your expenses because you will need to resolve two issues instead of focusing on one.

It is highly recommended to consult an expert once you feel that you are experiencing problems with your heating system. Better yet, have your heating system regularly checked to avoid them. A heating or air conditioner company can certainly help with all your maintenance needs.

Dec 12, 2017

What’s with High-End Air Conditioners?

Connectivity. Isn’t this the prevailing trend when it comes to high-end devices, appliances, and electronic gadgets? The growing family of the internet of things seems to gain more and more popularity these days. Request-granting speakers that are connected to your mobile device so you can make and pick up calls. Refrigerators that send a list of grocery items to mobile phones. Home locks and alarms that you can control remotely through your phone. These are only a few of connected devices that can be dubbed as “high-end” in this era.

Do air conditioners have their place in all these? Today, we’re going to discuss some features of the most advanced air conditioners in the market and how they are much better than the previous models. We’re sure you’ll be on the edge of your seats upon hearing these features.

Mobile phone-controlled
Tired of having to get up from the bed in the middle of your sleep when you feel that the room is too cold? Worry no more, guys and girls! It’s 2017 and advanced technology now allows us to control our air conditioning units using our mobile phones. (Photo from Dribble)

Frigidaire’s Cool Connect Smart Window Air Conditioner w/ Wifi Control is one such appliance. You just need to download the phone application designed to control it and you can set the thermostat, mode, fan direction, and virtually anything about how your A/C works with just a swipe on your phone!
Many speed modes
Slow, medium, fast. These three have always been the only modes to choose from when your air conditioning unit functions. But with the advancements in technology and appliance manufacturing, there are cooling units with as many as seven speed modes that you can choose from. This way, you won’t be locked with only a few options. 

Dehumidifier and Money-saver Options
Cooling down your room may not be the only thing you need in a hot and humid country like Singapore. Thus, advanced air conditioning systems these days include dehumidifying as one of their functions.

High-end cooling units such as Friedrich CP05G10A Chill Series Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner now also serve as dehumidifiers. Just turn this mode on while your A/C is running and you’re sure to have a reliable appliance that is effective in removing the humid air inside your home.

This same air conditioner also has a money-saver option. We all know that aside from the upfront cost of purchasing your cooling appliance, you also need to pay for the monthly usage of your air conditioner. It’s better if you have an A/C that has a money-saver mode. Under this mode, the unit itself will calculate the coolness needed by your room and use just enough electricity to meet it.

With all these brand new features of the latest cooling units in the market, you now have the idea that even air conditioners will always evolve to make our lives more comfortable and convenient. After purchasing one, make sure to get the help of professional contractors who offer aircon service Singapore 24 hours a day to maintain your cooling appliance and keep it working efficiently even after years of use.

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