Mar 20, 2021

Readymade Curtains and Their Headings

People became so selective when it comes to home décor and furnishing. Though you might be busy with your schedules and work life, you will still take out time for your home. There are many furnishing and décor items available in the market that can add an authentic look to your home. Curtains are one such decorative item that can change the look of your rooms. It is easily available in the market but also it is affordable too.

The curtain is nothing but the dressing to the windows and doors that cannot be avoided. These curtains are available in different sizes and in different colours and shades. They are easily available in any local market. Though there is an advance in the home decors, curtains are still mostly preferable to buy everyone.

These curtains are available in ready-made and made to measure. A person with busy lives mostly prefers ready-made curtains. These curtains are affordable and they will avoid the time we invest in stitching. These readymade curtains are available in all sizes for doors and windows. You don’t need to go for made to measure ones unless you have large windows or doors.
Once you check the size you need for your windows and doors, you can go to buy curtains. Readymade curtains will have a great finishing comparing to the other ones. The upper part of the curtains is known as a heading. It is important to know what kind of heading type your need. You can get this information from your friends or neighbours. You can also get information from online platforms. Many websites can guide you in choosing the heading for your curtains like Elite Curtains.
Below Are Different Types Of Heading For Your Curtains:

Eyelet Pleats: These curtains are simple to install and easy to remove. They are known for their deep and wavy folds. These curtains will have a metal ring that can always hold the grip of the curtain tight. It is the best option for the children bedroom as it can be torn easily.
Pencil Pleats: These curtains are one of the versatile curtain heading that is available in the market. These curtain headings are made up of sheer and blackout fabrics. There are multiple types of tracks and rods are available for this heading.  They have a shallow heading. These curtains are cost-effective too.

Pinch Pleat: These curtains are classic ones that give elegant look to your home. Their popularity always rises with the current trends. These curtains heading need a lot of fabric that is stitched as a bunch at the top. These curtains will have a smart finish that makes them elegant. You can have pinch pleat curtains with either a pole or a track.

No matter what kind of heading you choose make sure it matches the look of your home.


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