Mar 20, 2021

Kitchen storage ideas to maximise the space

The kitchen is the centre of any homeowners. It is the space to store food and cookware, prepare meals, and also, the place for the family gathering at least three times a day.

When you are thinking about remodelling and getting organised in your kitchen, we present some practical bespoke kitchens storage solutions. We hope to inspire you to create a much more functional and efficient kitchen.

Do not leave any space in your kitchen:

Smaller kitchens, especially, have smaller cabinets and drawer areas. It is vital to get smarter and not waste any space or corner of the available space.
•    If budget is an issue, think of improving your existing space with some low-cost storage elements. For instance, use the dowel rods to the cabinets and shelves to store plates, mugs, and towels.
•    Never forget to make use of the tiniest nooks. A tilt-down drawer at the sink is one of the best examples to store the dish cleaner sponges and brushes comfortably.
•    Another simple way to store knives is to display them on the magnetic bar attached to the wall without cluttering your drawers.
•    Hanging larger kitchen utensils will also help in avoiding overcrowding your drawer.
•    Add the pegboard to your wall to save space and increase the shelving to set things, such as small plates and seasonings. You may even add small green plants on these shelves to make your kitchen lively.

•    Place pull out drawers under the kitchen sink shelf to store items that you do not want to display, such as the trash bin or washing equipment.

Cabinet and drawer ideas
•    Use glass mounted cabinet doors to display your serving ware.
•    While arranging the items inside the cabinet and drawers, ensure to choose containers that are right for space.
•    Use clear containers to store items as it helps to see what is in them.
•    Use cabinets as a customised pantry space with an all-in-one solution. Make pull-out drawers and racks to store the pantry items in one.
•    Ensure your drawer is clutter free and find the best spot for everything. Keep the entire regularly used cooking utensils together close by the stove and oven. Put the entire spatula in your kitchen together, in one place.
•    Keep the cooking utensils together and have them close by the stove and oven.
•    Use storage containers that are neatly labelled.
•    Also, use the drawer dividers, kitchen Drawer Inserts and tray dividers for a great solution to have the kitchen drawer organised and have the items separated.

Create stations to make the kitchen perfectly organised:

Separate the kitchen into different zones such as cooking space, bake station, snacks station and coffee station. And this helps in storing items efficiently in distinct areas of the kitchen. Organise the drawers, cabinets and countertops for each task, along with one place for items used frequently for all the stations. The idea helps design the kitchen with specific space for organising utensils such as cups, mugs, plates, and cookware effectively and readily accessible.

Clutter-free countertops, easily accessible items and a clean kitchen help you cook the best for yourself and your loved ones. If you are moving to a new house or thinking of remodelling your kitchen, it is best to hire a kitchen design and installation service company. They can help you with bespoke kitchens designs with a modern and contemporary look, electric appliance installation and kitchen furniture.

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