Mar 5, 2021

Issues that might cause your HVAC to stop working

Winter months can prove quite challenging when it comes to heating. Whatever your choice of keeping your home warm might be, there are always things you need to tweak and keep a lookout for. Maintenance is the key for almost every aspect of your living space, and the same rules apply for your heating.

I chose HVAC as the means to fend off the cold so I wanted to learn more from the pros on how to keep my system up and running when temperatures hit low. HVAC technicians at Howell’s Heating and Air Conditioning helped me out and showed me a few problems that might cause my HVAC to have poor performance or completely stop working. Here’s what I learned:

Dirty filters

One of the most common problems you can experience with your HVAC are dirty air filters. Many homeowners simply forget or even don’t know they should clean them a few times a year, depending on the amount of use. This is especially important in the offseason when the dirt piles up. It is crucial to remember to have regular maintenance every time before you plan to use your HVAC on a regular basis. Clogged air filters will not only decrease the performance of the unit, but they might cause it to overheat and break. A simple cleaning will do, and the most important part to remember is to do it every now and then or schedule a visit from a pro to help you out.

Uneven heating

Uneven heating is something almost every homeowner can experience, whether you live in a small or big place. The first thing that pops to mind is to check whether your heating is working properly. Still, this problem could be tied to other issues in your home like isolation, drafts and leaks. This is a perfect opportunity to have someone look over these potential issues and ultimately ensure an isolated environment for your HVAC’s best performance.

Thermostat issues

You are confused because the temperatures showing on your thermostat are completely different to your subjective feeling. No need to panic, thermostats can break and become mis-tuned. Nothing to worry about. This can mean that it needs to be recalibrated or batteries need to be replaced.

This is also a good opportunity to replace your old analog thermostat and opt for a new, digital one which offers a lot more room to manipulate the temperature, even when you are not at home.

Frozen pump

Your outdoors unit also needs to be checked. Very low temperatures mixed with cold wind and humidity can very easily cause fans and coils to freeze. This can lead to some serious issues, and the best solution is to prevent that from happening. The freeze can cause the fans to come to a halt, and then you would need to open the unit and break the ice. To avoid all that mess, it is best to contact a professional to come over and prepare the unit for the lowest temperatures by setting the unit to defrost automatically.

Frozen pipes

Regarding the outdoors unit, you should also consider preparing its pipes for winter. The ice will probably not cause a malfunction immediately, but if you let it grow it can cause the pipes to burst when you least expect it. You can avoid this by paying attention. If you notice ice piling up you need to turn off the water flow to the Hvac and carefully start removing the ice.

Call pros

If you don’t feel confident enough to perform maintenance yourself or you want someone with proper knowledge and experience to have a look, schedule a visit from a professional right now. Remember, it is always better to prevent problems.

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