Mar 23, 2021

Preparing your home furniture for a new baby! Here are 5 tips to be super prepared!

Congratulations on your new baby! How exciting of a time. When you learn you are expecting, things can get overwhelming quickly. From preparing work/life balance, to investing in new baby toys and cribs. Making time to see the doctor while still working on work or school projects. There are a million things to get done so that you are ready and confident you can look after the new baby the best you can. Unfortunately, a lot of parents neglect the nursery room when there is so much to get done in preparation. We have compiled a list of 5 very helpful tips that will make setting up the nursery and keeping your little one safe, as easy as possible.

1. Place your baby’s crib In the right spot

While it might seem like common sense to put the crib somewhere convenient, like close to the bed, it is not always easy to see when waking up to the cries of the baby at night. This is why we suggest putting the crib in a place that you can access quickly, and could do so blindfolded (if that were ever necessary)

We also recommend having the change table near to the crib, so you can be as efficient as possible and keep awkwardness to a minimum.

2. Choose cribs and changing tables that offer as much room as possible

Why? Its very easy to mistake cords and other hanging objects in the area, and trip or run into them causing disorientation and possible damage to other furniture and harm to you or the baby. We suggest purchasing furniture that takes up as much space as required but doesn’t have any “bells or whistles” than can lead to a choking hazard for the baby. Choose your furniture wisely when shopping.

3. Use straps to secure the furniture

If furniture isn’t strapped down, it can prove a problem with slips and injuries. For the sake of safety, we suggest placing straps on the toy box, shelving, dressers, changing tables and the crib. This will provide maximum security and make sure that nothing moves into a place it shouldn’t be.

4. Get spring loaded toy boxes

What we mean is to have a lid on a toy box that can’t slam shut on hands and fingers. This is important as the baby may try to look around for a favorite toy and accidently close the lid on its fingers leading to a lot of pain and crying (both of which can cause you to sleep less). Make sure to invest in safety measures on places that are accessed frequently.

5. Go for a crib, not a bassinet

A baby can grow, fast! Many babies will simply get too large for a bassinet, making it a redundant purchase. Save yourself some money and aim for a waterproof mattress inside of the crib and woods that are resistant to liquid. This is make sure you can focus entirely on the babies needs, without having to worry about their safety due to poor furniture quality.

These are just some of the quick tips that will help you to prepare your dream nursery for your little one.  Since your baby’s safety and comfort are the top priorities, make sure to call professionals who offer Furniture Repair service whenever you see any furniture that need to be restored. 

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