Mar 11, 2021

How to design a kids' room that inspires learning

Having a family with small children is a true blessing. There's bound to be plenty of cheerfulness and joy around the house all day long. However, having kids also requires coming up with ways to keep them entertained and involved in quality activities. This need has especially increased during the ongoing pandemic. Spending all of the time inside the house is tough enough on adults, let alone children. For this and many other reasons, there's no better time to design a kids' room that inspires learning. We're here with some helpful tips and tricks that should make this job a bit easier for you.

A kids room that's been designed to inspire learning.

Don't make designing a kids room dull

Understandably, you want to inspire learning through the design of your kids' room. However, there's no reason they can't have fun at the same time. There are plenty of ways to make a room enjoyable while still keeping the wanted substance. Don't go for the strict chalkboard classroom look. That could really put your children off the concept of learning. Although they should learn the importance of discipline, we, as parents, don't have to repeat the mistakes of our education system. Take the good sides of everything you have learned in school and make use of it. In addition, try to include anything you think is missing from formal education.

You can even make cleaning a fun activity if you put your mind to it

Apart from learning the basic scholarly subjects and concepts, you can also use this room to teach your kids some life skills that they'll come to need. Make sure to design a kids' room so that it's favorable for learning these types of skills. You can take the time to explain some ordinary everyday ideas and notions that your kids are curious about. For example, cleaning is something that'll teach them both discipline and valuable lessons about patience and hard work. You'll need to get your home tidy and organized anyway; why not make the best of it? Depending on how many children share this space, you can make a schedule stating who is assigned to which chore during a particular week.

Make sure that this is a custom project

Not all kids are the same. Don't try to rig some mainstream Pinterest board that is generic and has already been done thousands of times. Don't take this the wrong way; there's nothing wrong with having something that's proven to be good. However, it would be best to ask your kids about their thoughts and ideas before diving into the world of designing a kids' room. This way, you'll know that what you're doing will pay off since your little ones will surely enjoy it.

Get fun and interactive furniture to design a kids' room

To design a kids' room, you'll need quite a bit of imagination. This primarily applies to all the furniture and details that'll be a part of it. You can, of course, do this with some pieces of furniture that you already own. However, it would be great to invest in some details that'll really make the room pop and be practical and useful for learning as well.

When it comes to closets, their exterior can't be the highlight of kid's room design. But you can make up for that with the interior. You can take the time to design the inside of the closet with fun little drawers or hidden nooks and crannies that'll get your kid's days started on the right foot. Of course, you can let them decorate the exterior with different collages, posters, schedules, or anything else they might like.

And don't forget that the primary role of a closet is to fill it with clothes. Children's clothes can also be fun and feature some exciting concepts. And remember to facilitate the fun and learning and use the closet to store clothes that allow them to move with ease and be comfortable throughout the day.

Another fun thing when designing a kids' room is that their bed can be anything from a pirate ship or a submarine to a princess castle. You can also go nuts with colors and sizes if that's more your forte. Carpets can serve as a fun base for car races. They can also contain some brainy games with numbers or limericks of some kind.

If you don't have enough space for some of the furniture, use that to your advantage. If there is no closet, a great storage solution would be to let your kid color some boxes or containers where they'll keep their things. If they get to design their room even in the slightest manner, they'll feel much more relaxed and free.

Every corner can have a purpose

Depending on the size of the kids' room you're designing, you can make various themes come to life through different corners. This way, you won't have to settle on one idea.

Throw parties in your kid's room

One of the ways to get your kids excited about the room you've designed for them is to let them have their friends over. This can, of course, be a regular playdate. However, you can also let them throw a memorable party in their room for a birthday or for no reason at all.

Try not to succumb to the pressure of technology

While designing the kids' room, think about letting their imagination run wild without the support of video games or cartoons. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't let them have this pleasure from time to time. However, it shouldn't be for hours on end. They'll express themselves much better if they're not constantly fed ideas that are thought out and complete. A fun thing could also be to get them a clock and have them conclude when gaming time is over to teach them responsibility and control.

Don't be afraid to use color

Whichever theme your kids choose, try to implement as much color as possible. This certainly doesn't need to go to extremes. Nonetheless, don't try to design a kids' room by mixing beige, white, and grey or something to that end. Just make sure that the room has enough lighting to make up for the colorful interior. This can be either natural or artificial lighting, although both would be best.

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