Oct 18, 2019

Six Ways of Writing Effective Marketing Content

With the increasing time, people are spending on the internet, the need for good content is also on the rise. Successfully, the content can be converted into sales. Before writing that copy, you need to know that there are many ways to improve marketing content.

1.   Know Your Target Market

Writing your blog needs to be done with the audience in mind. Knowing who they are is not enough until you know about them in-depth. Know the time they spend online, what they look for, what they prefer, and ultimately offer them content that resonates with them. Such invaluable information allows you to leverage on their needs, promise a solution, and provide the solution through whatever your products. You can do this using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and leverage on their security, esteem, physiology, social, and self-actualization.

2.   The Psychology of Exclusivity

Content marketing requires you to connect with your audience in inexplicable ways. Using the psychology of exclusivity in content writing means that you make your audience feel special. Make it look like they are chosen. Isolate the offers you give to each customer in a way that makes them feel warm about your message. This method would make your content delivery effective.

3.   Give the Messages an Emotional Touch

There is a phrase that classifies the human being as an emotional being. Although you may think to tell a consumer about the features of a product may work, this only appeals to the consumer's logic. You need to ask yourself how many times you bought something without thinking through your choice.

Appeal to your consumer's emotional side because that can earn you a sale. To some consumers, good features can mean the product is expensive. Instead of, “This mobile phone is made of a Corning’s Gorilla Screen,” why not say, “Say goodbye to mobile phone screen damage with the amazing Corning’s Gorilla Screen.”

4.   Use Analogies and Metaphors

Writing marketing content may appear easy to many, but it, not 1-2-3, you can be concise, clear but fail to be compelling. The reason most people buy certain items is that they find value in the products. How do you give value to products without being technical and boring?

Using metaphors and analogies. Companies like Coca Cola do it perfectly through statements such as, “Taste the Feeling.” The image that comes to the mind is all that counts in proving how valuable the product is.

5.   Create an Urgency

How many times have you been convinced about buying something only to end up not buying it for a long time? The lack of urgency in a customer can cost you successful clicks that did not cause any real conversions.

Your message needs to get your customers off their comfortable state of mind. Creating urgency through marketing messages requires the use of tactics such as "Setting deadlines." Most of the examples you already know about such as, “97% of the stock sold out” could put your target consumer in a hurried state.

6.   A Good Call to Action (CTA)

You need to be clear about your intention. Do not go for the standard, buy now, click here, and call now buttons. Your call to action needs to push the consumer to take that action. Many available CTA formulae could work wonders for you. 

Writing successful marketing copies just got easy with these tips. The list continues, but this should get you started on the right path.

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