Oct 26, 2019

Email Marketing Essentials That Can Get Your Email Opened

With emails today as one pathway to successful marketing, you might think to yourself, how do I get target customers opening them. People have tried many things to increase open rates. Some got it right, and some did not ultimately figure out ways to get marketing emails opened.

Reputation for Valuable Emails     

Getting it right with emails has never been easy. You need to keep trying until you do it correctly. Customers need to know that your emails are valuable before they open them. Some practices that guarantee valuable emails include doing surveys and giving your findings for free, share quality blog articles from your website and offering the audience a free preview of a whitepaper. Understanding what they need, and offering that occasionally increases the chances of customers opening your emails.

Promise in the Subject Line and Deliver in Your Text

A large percentage of your emails are opened based on the subject line. You need to get it right with your subject lines always. The first rule of effective subject lines is clarity in the purpose and scope of your email. Always “say what you need to say.” This approach is straightforward; you do not need to gamble with what you need to tell the reader except to say to them you are offering a given service.

Nail Your Pre-Header Text

Any time you see an unread message, a line of your email accompanies your subject line. This line is the pre-header text or preview text. If the subject did not make much sense, then this is another chance to do it right. If you hook the reader with this first line, you could easily get the reader to continue reading the whole email, which is good.

Make it Mobile Friendly

Research by Litmus shows that most email messages today are read on a mobile phone. With such happening, there is a need that the messages sent to your prospect readers will appear presentable even on a mobile device. 

You can achieve this with single column templates, keeping emails under 600 pixels wide, and use a larger font of 13 to 14. You could also adopt small images for your emails and avoid menu bars due to the miniature design of mobile emails.

Test Your Timing and Wording

Whereas you might think that the design is important, you need to know that the design will matter less if the email does not open. Test your subject lines at particular times to know the effectiveness. The appropriate time to send your email is in the morning when people cling to their mobile phones. Mid-mornings emails are effective when doing surveys. At all, avoid weekend emails to improve deliverability.

Analyze Your Inbox

How does your inbox look like? What are the subject lines, introduction texts, and email copies you attend to often? Come up with email marketing copies you would open yourself. If the email does not convince you to open it, there is no way it will convince another person to open it.

Making customers open your emails is not easy. Getting it right with every aspect from the subject lines, the preview text, the email copy, the mobile-friendliness, images to the design can help you improve your open rates. Even further, improve your conversion rates.

Lori Jones had made a transition from a bit shy office clerk to an empowered and delighted writer. Later she progressed to becoming a writer at SupremeDissertations. Lori is really a writing fanatic and frantically stays on guard of beauty and meaning inside the written text. More than this, Lori continue broaden her horizons and became a contributor at Lord of Papers blog. 

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