Oct 22, 2019

Essential Amenities Nuclear Families Should Consider While Buying Home

As the dynamics of society is changing, the concept of joint family seems to get evaporated. Gone are the days when people used to prefer staying in a close-knit joint family. Now the priorities of home buyers have changed. Opting for a small home for a nuclear family, which comprises of a husband, wife and children is more economical and convenient. A large house serves no real purpose for a nuclear family apart from injecting a sense of luxury and burns a hole in the pocket. Modern home buyers are looking for a safe neighbourhood, conveniently located equipped with urban amenities to ensure a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.

While looking for a residential complex in Maheshtala, a few factors topped our home buying checklist that is absolutely necessary for a nuclear family.
1. Safety & security:

One of the biggest perks of living in a joint family was safety. In a large family, there was always someone or the other to check on elderly people or little kids. In case of nuclear family, where parents leave for work leaving behind the kids or elderly, security assumes greater significance. Before settling for your home in an apartment complex, make sure it is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, 24X7 securities with CCTV surveillance.

2. Utilization of space:

Since there are constraints of space, there should be well-designed unit where spaces are utilized in the best possible manner. Small homes need to be compact yet space-efficient. So, apartments are a natural choice to meet these criteria than standalone properties. The property should fulfil the needs of the family as well as be appreciated in value in the days to come.

3. Excellent connectivity:

Proximity to the workplace and basic necessities including school, colleges, hospitals, shopping malls etc are important factors because in a nuclear family there will be less helping hand to deal with the everyday nitty-gritty. In case of any trouble, the resident should get all the necessary help needed within a stone’s throw distance and reach places in the shortest possible time.

4. Recreational activities:

Staying in a nuclear family can be depressing if someone has already reaped the benefits of a joint family, anytime earlier in his life. Now apartment builders are coming up with new modern lifestyle amenities to make life more comfortable and enjoyable. Swimming pools, community halls, gaming zone, badminton court, kids’ play area etc are meant to quench the thirst for amusement in apartment complexes.

5. Healthy lifestyle:

Apartment complexes often lack the presence of greenery. In nuclear families, residents prefer to adopt a healthy lifestyle as there are fewer people to look after each other if fallen sick. A congenial, pollution-free environment in the property’s surroundings is something a modern homebuyer seeks. Gymnasium, yoga deck, walking pathways are few amenities necessary to stay fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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