Oct 14, 2019

Fall 2019: Ways to Decorate Your Dining Area

The dining room can be considered one of the hardest places to decorate in a given person’s home because of its straightforward functionality. After all, the place where you eat your meals doesn’t necessarily have to look glamorous or visually pleasing if your
focus is to consume food then get on with your day (or night). Nevertheless, life is not always that straightforward and leaving your dining room neglected in terms of decorations can leave it lacking in sophistication. Small improvements like an ornate dining set in the Philippines or a fresh wallpaper can go a long way in improving your dining room’s aesthetic appeal.

However, there’s no need to stop there. Going beyond the simple methods of home decor will ultimately be the difference between good home decor and uninspired or basic home decor that lacks refinement. To help you implement more of the former instead of the latter, here are # ways to decorate your dining area with a small autumn twist.

Dining Set

Going back to the dining set, it should definitely be one of the main focal points of home decor improvement as it is the medium that facilitates the eating! With autumn, also known as the fall season, in mind, one of the things you can do is to add a dash of
orange or fiery red color. Fall season typically evokes a feeling of coziness and warmth.

Evoking those feelings is the main crux and challenge of decorating pretty much anything with an autumn theme, so there's no need to go for wild, expensive dining sets
from the Philippines.

One particular way of going about this is by adding a colored napkin under the cutlery or silverware. If you want to go the extra mile and make it even fancier, you can place the colored napkins or cloth on the center of the dinner plate while leaving the silverware on its usual position on the side of the main plate. To supplement this color addition through contrast, use neutral-colored plates, table cloths, and table ornaments. Different
shades of white and brown would work best as they complement the autumn colors well. If that doesn’t interest you can switch up the color schemes by making the tablecloth, placemat, or coaster the focus of color instead of the table napkin. Contrasts
are key in this regard.


No progressive dining set is complete without a centerpiece, however, this gets its own section because it’s not the most common fixture in a given person’s dining area. That being said, if you haven’t tried adding a centerpiece to your own dining set, then the fall season can be the perfect excuse for you to express your extravagant ideas. There are no explicit rules when it comes to centerpieces, but the most common ones always have a natural aspect to it. It can be in the form of flowers or faux fruit and vegetable baskets or things that give off natural light like candles. Either way, you really can’t go wrong with emulating these basic ideas before implementing your own creative twists and turns.

In accordance with autumn, pumpkin is a popular choice for centerpieces because of its natural orange tinge and large size. Try to add faux dried leaves and herbs to fully giveit the fall experience as dried leaves are one of the main images associated with the
season. If pumpkins are not your thing, then try going for fruits that are in-season during autumn like apples, figs, and pomegranate. Not only do these fruits taste the best when in-season, but their natural colors also work well with themed home decorations.

Walls and Other Fixtures

While the term ‘fixture’ is a defined term by real-estate standards, for the purpose of this article, fixtures will pertain to the other elements that comprise the dining area.

Paintings, curtains, window designs, and other non-dining table ornaments. These things are compounded into one section as the guidelines that govern their decor
improvement are all relatively the same.

When it comes to color, using a red or orange hue might look a tad bit tacky so try going for a more neutral color that can serve as a good contrast for your other decorations. If you really want to make aesthetic improvements to your wall, add a patterned wallpaper or neutral two-toned color scheme. Mix and match to find the right kind of wall design.

Adding color should be done through curtains and other fixtures that can be seen around the dining area aside from the main dining set. Paintings that show rustic living, or fruit cornucopias are also safe, but elegant choices. You can also try putting fruit or natural ornaments on other surfaces for that extra pop. They’re not limited to centerpiece use after all.

Key Takeaway

As you’ve read above, decorating your dining area can be made simple if you know the elements you should be focusing on. Color contrast mixed with the implementation of autumn themes and elements should be the main concepts you should follow.

Once you have mastered how to do that, decorating your whole house with any theme will be easier and more ways to do it will become available. Happy decorating!

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