Oct 28, 2019

5 Roof Care Tips That Are Surprisingly Effective

Say goodbye to all the recurring maintenance checks by a professional and put the following five roof care tips to use for an extended lifespan of your roof with lesser maintenance required.

Clean The Roof

Before you set out to make certain maintenance steps to keep your roof from harm, you need to figure out what really threatens it. And what is more threatening to your roof than water?

When you miss out on the scheduled cleaning and maintenance of your roof, whether at the time of home remodeling or not, you allow for twigs, leaves, and debris to settle and finally make its way into the gutters system blocking them up. 

A blocked gutter is usually the root of many problems related to your roof, standing water forces its way through seeping into your house causing water damage.

The regular cleaning of your roof from twigs, leaves, dust, and debris is a good place, to begin with, your roofing maintenance.

Insulation And Ventilation

The roof is a crucial part of the standing structure of your house and needs unique care and maintenance. You must think about yourself that you will benefit from keeping your roof as dry as possible, but chances are that in the quest to achieve that, you might over dry it and rob it of the essential aesthetics.

The key to this is ensuring proper ventilation and insulation. Insulating your roof during a home renovation allows you to protect it from the direct moisture and heat gains. And proper ventilation takes out the chances of rotting of material because of excessive moisture.

Checking After Heavy Rains And Strong Winds   

Having installed a roof of superior quality is a good thing to begin with but not your ultimate warranty of never having to check on your roof again.

It is always a good thing to do to check up on your roof for any water stains and weak shingles after heavy rains or strong winds, it should you put you ahead in solving a problem before it even occurs.

Install Zinc Strips

Other than just to uphold the curb appeal of your house, the exterior paint, especially the one on the roof of your house is always a very keen thing to observe.

Usually, the portion of your roof that is towards the northern side of your house develops streaks of mold as it evades sunlight for much of the day and remains damp.

This is also a serious health risk to consider and also can eventually be the reason for the deterioration of your roofing material later on.

The installation of zinc strips on the shady part of your roof acts as a perfect safeguard against streaking.

Check For Shingle Damage

The signs of shingle roof damage are an indication of serious roof damage down the road ahead.

Once the shingles have been torn off or become dilapidated due to the everyday wear and tear, the open the ways for water damage as the water is now freely able to seep through the roof.

The inspection of your roof coverings at least once a year is the most advisable thing for homeowners to keep the integrity of their house alive.

Author’s Bio:

Helen is professional home remodeling contractor, having worked on countless renovation projects has given him quite the knowledge. Here are five tips regarding roof maintenance that he shares.

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