Sep 20, 2019

Tips on How to Live a Posh Lifestyle in Metro Manila

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Nowadays, there’s just something interesting about being so posh, upscale, and flashy. Although we don’t mean this in a negative way. In fact, we admire those people who can pull off posh-living, especially in Metro Manila!

Ever witnessed a #TitasOfMNL afternoon gathering at the nearest Mary Grace Cafe? How about a #TitosOfMNL weekend early morning golf playing?

This is the posh life we’re talking about! However, you can possibly live a posh lifestyle in Metro Manila without having to go to Mary Grace or teeing off golf clubs the whole Saturday afternoon. Actually, you can live a posh lifestyle just by following these simple tips we have for you. Let’s start, shall we? We wouldn’t want to keep you waiting!

Go Tech-Free For A Day

Okay, we know this is completely absurd. Well, not really. There’s something so satisfying about going tech-free for a day. There’s so much more than just secluding your life in a tiny piece of gadget. Each month, try to commit to at least one day spent away from your tech devices. Give yourself a well-deserved time out from the digital and social media world. Let some space in your mind for clarity and peace.

Give Your Home Some Love

Living a posh lifestyle has got to come from the inside out. Yes, you may be out in the streets strutting a designer bag on one hand while drinking your iced coffee on the other, but when you go home, you’re bombarded with the reality that you have such a chaotic and messy life, just because you don’t clean and organize your house enough.

Living in a condo? A home, maybe? It doesn’t matter. Clean up! Give your home some love by setting monthly (or weekly) dates for general cleanups. Trust us, your home will thank you for it. And besides, it’d be nicer to live in a clean house! You get to enjoy staying in and have clearer, brighter, and a more positive outlook in life. Try it!

Buy Something You Love

Just because! Reward yourself once in a while. And we don’t only mean buying small trinkets. Reward yourself with a worthwhile investment if you must, and if your budget allows it! We highly suggest picking through and purchasing a Megaworld Infinite property. This real estate company can definitely offer you elegant homes that’ll surely help you live a posh lifestyle. More than anything, they have great deals of residential properties for you to choose from. Go on and live that luxury lifestyle! No one’s stopping you.

Avoid Unnecessary Appliances

This is somehow connected to the point mentioned above. If you ever decide to live in a condo unit, do avoid unnecessary appliances as this cannot only take up so much space but can also be a factor of making your home look less neat and elegant than how it actually is. Learn and practice the art of having less, because less is more.

If anything, try decorating your home with elegant pieces such as tall curtains, glass tables, or minimalist furniture pieces. Just make sure not to go overboard as this can be an indicator of disorganization and such.

Wrapping Up

Living the posh life doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think it would be. It could be as simple as giving yourself time to do the things you love, to cleaning your home, to going out of your way just to buy something, which you know you’d love. Maybe take one, two, or a few of these tips mentioned above to help you live a more elegant and put-together life in the metro.

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