Sep 27, 2019

Deck Up Your Interiors This Puja With Beautiful Window Furnishings

Azure sky, cotton candy clouds and shopping freaks in the lanes and alleys of Kolkata- everything resonates the Puja vibes in the city. And, with this festive spirit, shopping malls and beauty salons are already abuzz with crowds. But, have you yet thought over a makeover for your home this Puja? If you haven’t yet, it’s time think over it right now. And, a great way to start with it is the window furnishing.
With overwhelming varieties of choice and a line of aesthetic and economic considerations, it becomes almost a challenging task. Here’s how Mrs. Chatterjee did it in the living space of her 3 BHK apartment in Belghoria.

Options For a Minimalist Decor

For a minimalist decor with an elegant touch, you can go either for drapes or blinds. Drapes are conventional and add a rustic charm to your interiors, while the blinds offer a contemporary aura. If you are opting for curtains, following considerations should come into play.

Be Careful With Colours: Many people opt for bright hues to notch up a festive vibe. But, you can opt for pastel shades if you can create a balance with contrasting shades in other shades. The colour of drapes should be chosen keeping in sequence with room’s walls and ceilings. Window furnishings, if done right can instantly add the festive vibe.

Fabric: Cotton and linen drapes are always ideal for a chic and stylish decor. These are ideal for summer decor though. For a festive vibe, opt for satin, velvet or something heavy. Choosing the fabric also depends on the weather conditions.

Length: Long trailing drapes are in vogue these days. They play an aesthetic addition to your living space. While jazzing up a festive decor, longer curtains to a window also make it appear bigger than actual.

Drape Lining: Irrespective of the material, if you want to add volume to your curtains, add lining to them. So, if your room is bigger, make it look warm and cosy with, lined drapes from the windows.

Window Blinds For a Chic Swag

Window blinds are way more contemporary than conventional drapes. But it definitely adds an elegant flair to your place. Choose material like aluminium, PVC, wood, vinyl, bamboo, or any other materials. Blinds can be rolled sideways or upwards and placed inside or outside of a window.

To notch up a festive vibe, get decorative blind holders, frames or roads. For your living space, opt for vibrant colours and decorative design so that it effectively flaunts your style as well as put up a festive decor. Whether you would go for minimalistic, utilitarian decor or opt for sheer flamboyance, make sure that your window draping do the talking.

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