Sep 6, 2019

Process To Follow To Choose Durable Covers For Sofa And Loveseat

You will get a lot of slipcover covers to protect your sofa but all may not be equally durable or heavy-duty. If you make the wrong choice you will have to spend a fortune in having your sofa and loveseat reupholstered. If things are worse, you may even have to throw the entire thing in the dumpster and find a replacement, which will cost you even more.

The easy solution? Find a suitable and durable cover to protect your sofa and loveseat.

·         If you invest in sofa and loveseat covers it will enhance its life
·         It will also enhance the furniture cosmetically and
·         It will increase its usefulness and functionally of furniture.
Therefore, whether you have a new sofa that you want to prevent from getting ruined or a second-hand piece that needs extra protection apart from a face lift, these slipcover covers are worth investing on.

These will not only save your money on replacements apart from the fact that it will help you to keep the living room looking fresh, but will also save on maintenance as these are easy to take care of.

Choosing the type

When you browse the internet, you will get a lot of sofa covers to choose from but you should stick to the ones that will suit your piece of furniture. Your choice will entirely depend on the factors like:

·         The design of the sofa
·         The size of it
·         The shape and even on
·         The use and traffic.

For regular and extensive use, a colorfast slipcover is a good choice as it will not wear off easily and soon. If you havepets that make it their bed at nights, or whenever possible, you should choose covers that come with antimicrobial qualities. Even better, a reversible slipcover that is stain-resistant and waterproof is appreciated.

The features to choose

Modern sofa overs come with lots of features that you should also consider while you shop for the covers for your sofa. Whether it is a readymade or a custom sofa cover make sure that:
  • It is non-skid slipcover as that will stay in the right place a lot better and more than any other options.
  • It must also be machine-washable because sofa covers when taken out and washed can be really heavy.
  • Also make sure that it is not excessively expensive and not even the cheapest because both does not necessarily equate high-quality and durability.
Lastly, do not go for those standard sofa covers that you get in almost every home d├ęcor shop. This is because these will not fit in properly and you may have to tuck and pin the sides and edges to take care of the extra fabric. This will make it look awkward and even create holes and tear from these points. 

The best is to choose semi-custom slipcovers that are tailored according to the specific models and brands of sofas. Last but not least, choose the style and color of the fabric according to the color of your room and the decoration of it.

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