Sep 4, 2019

Design Your Home for Weekend Fun

Not every day we get an opportunity to enjoy our life in our very own sanctuary with friends and family. Our extremely busy schedule and job demands hardly allow us any cushion time. But, when it comes to weekends, isn’t it too obvious that our weary soul will crave for some relaxation? And what else is a better option than a happening house party?

But have you decided to dress up your home for the weekend fun? Here’s what an investment banker, Salankara Agarwal has done to make her 3 BHK apartment in Serampore ready for weekend escapades.
Low-maintenance Decor

As already mentioned, working people cannot invest much time in home maintenance. Hence, having low maintenance decor items is the ideal choice. A house party is not an everyday happening. You are going to use these decor items only during house parties or any special events. So, avoid fabrics and furniture that require full-fledged maintenance and care. Opt for easy to maintain, cotton or linen to accentuate the aesthetics, while matching the decor demands of the uber-stylish urban folks.

Less is actually More

Go minimal when it comes to design your weekend fun space. “Less is actually more”, when it comes to get some cool vibes for weekend fun in your living space. A great way to ace the design for your weekend home is to keep things simple. Get some colourful furnishing and throw pillows to add colours to your party space. Colourful curtains are best accessories to deck up the space, but refrain from investing in too many accent pieces. Simply invest in the essential appliances that would make for a comfortable stay.

Opt for Neutral Tones

To bring in the perfect party mood, work on your wall paints. Keep in mind, a weekend fun space is also a space to unwind and relax. Keeping in line with this idea, you can create a wall with neutral paints, while the other part of the same wall can be textured. You can also create a mix and match theme by using multiple hues in your walls. For the neutral tones you can go with pastel blues, greens, beige, and other classic colours. While being soothing to your eyes, they can play the perfect contrast to the textured or bright wall, thus creating the ultimate fun space in your home.

Add Some Greenery

Going green is always amazing when you are notching up a weekend fun space. Bring home some fresh and relaxing floral herbs. With everything else, make sure to invest in types that hardly demand much maintenance. You can choose from options like bougainvillea, tropical evergreens such as crotons, different varieties of palm trees, and colourful caladiums. All you need is to trim leaves and water these plants to ensure that they keep healthy round the year.

A Last Minute Tip

To elevate the glam quotient in your very own living space, build a rock garden in a cosy nook. Accessorize it with several types of cacti. The best part is that they perk up the aesthetics of your space practically with no maintenance.

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