Jul 30, 2019

Benefits of Having a Poolside Deck & Cabana in Your Residential Complex

Having a Poolside Deck & Cabana is no more exclusive to the luxury hotels nowadays. Once used as backyard storage, poolside deck & cabanas are now quite a popular amenity in the residential complexes across modern Metropolitan cities like , Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & others. Now-a-days even in the affordable yet luxury homes, a poolside deck & cabana are a highlighted feature. It accentuates the aesthetics of the property while making it extremely functional. Best of all, these amenities offers a wonderful place to have fun and socialize.
Precisely, a cabana & the swimming pool deck is more than just an aesthetic addition to your living space. Here’s how these features are highly functional-

1. Extended Fun Space

A cabana offers an ideal space for pool parties. Rather than having your guests track through your home, take them to the pool area and make you pool party a grand gala. With a pool house cabana, you can have the backyard space for serving drinks and food. While pool parties are real fun, having a cabana right within the complex lets you enjoy pool parties whenever you want. It’s like having an extended fun space outside your living space.

2. Space to Unwind

A poolside cabana allows you a calm and tranquil space to unwind. Just imagine how refreshing it is to relax and chill out in the tranquil cabana or loungers at the deck especially after a refreshing swim. It provides you a space to enjoy your “me time” wrapped in utmost luxury. Additionally, it offers you a great space to socialize with the fellow residents.

3. Option for Additional Storage

Pool decks & Cabanas are great for keeping everything that you carry along to enjoy the swimming pool & other activities by the pool side. Additionally, it’s a good space for the loungers, pool deck tables and chairs or anything else that you use during the summer season and do not want to store inside the house.
Nowadays, pool deck and cabanas are the prime features of any residential complex. Many upcoming residential flats in Madhyamgram as well as in other parts of Kolkata also offer this facility at an affordable price. Moreover, with the availability of designer cabanas, beautifying your residential complex is no more a big deal. 

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