Jul 26, 2019

Investing in a Puppy Fence For Your New Companion

Having a little pooch in your home can bring immense joy into your life! Puppies are blessings from God because they love you unconditionally and wait for you to get back home. No matter how obnoxious your landlord/wife/husband/kids are, your puppy will always wag his/her tail and greet you with full enthusiasm.

Since a dog gives their unconditional love to their parents, we have basic responsibilities towards them as well. Giving them ample of food, water, and love is not enough. You need to make them feel secure! In fact, puppies get stolen for a number of reasons and you have to be the protector. The question is - How do you protect your puppy?

Here's a quick post that talks about puppy fencing and why you should be investing in it!

Safety of Your Pooch

Everyone thinks that keeping a dog means the house will be safe from thieves. Have we ever thought about the puppy's safety? We have seen numerous movies that talk about dogs getting kidnapped and mean women making a fur coat out of their skin. Your dog is worth so much more!

Whether it is a furry dog or even a labrador, they need protection from thieves too. What about street dogs? There have been cases where pet dogs get attacked by street dogs. This could be life-threatening for your puppy. If the puppy is extremely small, it is possible that a vulture/eagle may snatch your pooch away.

Lastly, your puppy could be out in the open and a car might just hit them. Your puppy is an adorable creature and deserves to be loved and cared for.

Say No To Unwanted Breeding

It is possible that your female Lhasa Apso or any other dog breed may get too excited to explore the streets. When a dog is in heat, they can get pregnant. In this case, you will not be able to control the situation. To keep your female pooch safe from unwanted pregnancy, you must invest in puppy fencing.

You must know that a female furry friend in heat is highly attractive to the male dogs outside. They can smell it! If you want to keep her safe from the intruders and lust-stricken male dogs, fencing is the best bet.

Playing under the Sunshine

Dogs love to play! Keeping them inside the home is similar to keeping them behind the bars. Dogs must get plenty of exercise! They tend to get bored inside the home, and want to explore the garden area. Let them chase the butterflies and go crazy on green grass.

Additionally, there are certain breeds who are very aggressive and playful. They need to expend their energy outside! By fencing the garden, the puppy can play all day long.

Words from the Wise

As a good dog owner/pet parent, you must understand the need for installing a fence around your garden/backyard. Your puppy needs attention, socialization, play time, security and love. Look around and you will find many companies that specialize in creating fences.  There is critterfence.com/garden-fence who have several years of expertise in making fences. Just tell them what you need and they will do the needful! Puppies are precious, and it is your duty to provide them security, food, water and enough attention. Don't let them down! 

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