Jul 4, 2019

7 of the Best Promotion Ideas for Retail Stores

Cutthroat competition between retailers isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, it’s likely to become even more severe. Here are 7 great promotion ideas for your retail store.

1. Put a Loyalty Program in Place

Customers in loyalty programs are 100% more likely to return. You’re encouraging repeat visits by creating a rewards program. One good example is a sticker or punch card loyalty program. This gives customers an incentive to keep coming back to your business.

You could opt for a mobile solution instead of traditional paper punch cards to make your operation more appealing to younger customers. There are a lot of online platforms who offer this service.

Keep the program as simple as possible no matter how specific your business is. Everyone is very busy these days and might not be able to decipher your complex meaning, catch your joke or read your unique sign. It’s best to keep it short, simple and concise in almost all retail and point-of-purchase environments. A POS system(by POSQuote.com) would prove pivotal to this end, also helping manage your loyalty program.

2. Target Review Websites

Today, lots of businesses gain traffic via review sites, especially Google and Yelp. Explicitly targeting this traffic with promotions specific to review sites helps drive traffic through the door. It also motivates the customer to have a good experience and, in turn, leave you an excellent review. Yelp makes this especially easy by allowing you to publish deals on your review page. Those show up on initial searches by people on Yelp.

3. Improve Your Online and Digital Marketing Professionally

Professionals can help you augment your online presence by means of digital solutions, website design, display ads, search engine marketing and optimization, digital listings management and other services. Other things you might want to look into include social campaign creation, social ad campaigns, and management and monitoring.

To this end, you could host a competition on Facebook, Instagram, or another social network and interact with your consumer base. This is a good way to maintain existing customers’ loyalty and gain new ones.

This approach has been applied in practice with great outcomes by many companies, including the fashion retailer QKiddo. The company makes accessories for children. They invited followers on Instagram to participate in a competition, which involved asking families to send pictures of their children. The company reposted them on its official page. Then, all competitors tried to invite people to come to the company’s page to like their pictures, whereby one vote was awarded per like.

At the end of the competition, the company counted the number of likes. The child with the most likes won and got a luxury handmade accessory. There were hundreds of visits during the four-day competition, and visitors also clicked the web link to check the website and bought accessories from the company.

Sell All Your Products Online

One way to increase sales and promote your products is to sell them both at your physical location and online. Some sites let you create a gorgeous ecommerce store so you can sell to customers irrespective of their location. E-stores have the added benefit of integrating with POS systems and the main payment processors. Your inventory is automatically updated when items are sold. Depending on the provider, your e-store could make it possible (and easy) to sell your products on Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and more, all through one central dashboard.

4. Employ Seasonal Merchandising

To promote services and products all year round, create special decorated seasonal and holiday displays and change them at least once per month. As you clean and dust, move your displays and products around. Make sure last-minute product displays are available at your checkout counter or reception desk and are changed every month.

5. Enter into Local Partnerships

Some of the best promotions happen when local retailers enter into partnerships in their neighborhood or city. This might be perceived as working with competitors, but it is recommended because it brings awareness to shopping in your area to locals. If you bring all local retailers together, no matter what they sell, to support local traditions and events – ex. a local choir or fall – it will pay off because there is strength in numbers in competing against major franchises.

6. Build Personal Relationships with Customers

Personal interaction with customers helps create relationships and encourage long-term customer loyalty. Your marketing can be a natural continuation of this, which means you don’t always have to be selling. Send out anniversary greetings, thank you and birthday emails, and other relationship-building communications.

7. Mind your Advertising

Sending the wrong message is one of the worst mistakes you can make in retail promotion. Having poor-selling items, a very low discount on a good-selling item, or out-of-season merchandise will produce little traffic. The whole point of advertising is to get customers to your store, not just buy the one discounted item.

Lack of signage is a common problem in this respect. A lot of great shops go unnoticed because of poor or no signage at all. Very often, you’ll have a great shop selling lots of wonderful things, and then a tiny little sign on cardboard indicating its existence, which is not noticeable if you’re driving past in a car and sometimes even if you’re walking past. You have signs that were blown over by wind, rolling around in the dust by the side of the road.

To have a successful promotion, you need very effective, noticeable signage that will attract attention. Stanley Tan, Digital Marketing Specialist at Selby’s, writes about one time he walked into a store because it had a sign saying “Closing Sale.” There were a lot of great designer brand products in there, wines and perfume beautifully presented in glass boxes. It emerged the shop had been there for decades, but never had a single sign, so nobody really noticed it until it was closing down and put a closing sale sign up.

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Thank you for reading! Good luck with your promotion and tell us what you think in the comments section below!  

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