Jul 9, 2019

Design Inspiration and Tips for Building Your Dream Italian Kitchen

There are so many considerations to take into account when you are designing Italian kitchens. Not only does it need to look elegant, but also be ergonomically-designed. It also needs to suit your personality and unique preferences.

Are you looking for kitchen design ideas and inspiration? Want to see how some of the best examples of modern Italian kitchens look? Look no further! Here are some great kitchen design examples that will fire up your creativity right away, plus some expert tips to get you started in the right direction!

Ready? Let’s dig right in!

6 Excellent Examples of Italian Kitchen Design:

1.   This elegant looking kitchen has premium quality bar stools placed along the island area. Its dark colour scheme nicely contrasts with the white coloured walls. The lighting fixtures and other accessories add to its already elegant, urban look. The floor balances out the dark colour scheme by using a wooden texture.
2. This warm wooden kitchen can take your breath away. It has Mondrian-inspired cabinetry and pendant lights along with some vintage Scandinavian armchairs. Sounds like a recipe for elegance, doesn’t it? Of course, it does! Regardless of whether you are building a townhouse or a bungalow, kitchens like these are sure to add beauty to your home.
3. This simplistic yet elegant looking kitchen inspires many! It has Moroccan floor tiles that add warmth and contrast to the white coloured surroundings. The dark coloured chairs are also a great addition, along with the paintings and artwork. The window panes and lighting fixtures ensure the kitchen space stays bright and lively all day long.
4. The glamorous-looking kitchen is a dream haven (for the owners, of course). It has got a cool, modern, and urban vibe to it. It has utilitarian kitchen units made of plywood. Slim-profile worktops top everything off in contrasting black. Certainly, a great place to wind off after a long day of work, have a couple of drinks and maybe some snacks. What else would you want?

    5. Call it a kitchen or a kitchen extension, this monochrome, crisp, and modern kitchen space is definitely created by some very creative kitchen designers. They have placed white brick tiles behind the cooker to go with the white-painted bricks placed on the wall. White facets have been created by painting the surfaces adjacent to the black shade, creating a beautiful contrast.

6. Another beautiful kitchen in this list, this one has the perfect combination of features and textures to please the eyes. From the exposed brick wall to the marble kitchen island, this kitchen is a piece of art in itself. During the day, this kitchen space is flooded with bright sunlight, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows that open towards the garden.
Bonus Tip: Work Only with Expert Kitchen Designers

Yes, most important of all, if you are planning to build a kitchen that’s flawless and lasts for generations to come, make sure you work with a reliable kitchen company that understands your needs and preferences. Such a company will provide you with all the required information and all the possible options when it comes to designing your dream kitchen. You can share your ideas and preferences with their kitchen designers, and leverage their expertise to build a beautiful kitchen space for your family.

Want more kitchen design inspiration?

Nothing is better than visiting a kitchen showroom when you want to design your dream kitchen. Want to know the best part? Having kitchen designers around who can understand your requirements and preferences is so much better than just surfing online all by yourself.

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