Nov 30, 2016

Ways To Customize Your Dock

If you want to truly stand out from the crowd and you own a property with its own pontoon dock, customization as you would design your home is the way forward. Below we offer you with a number of ideas to turn a normal boat dock into something that will make it an amazing place to hang out with friends and family.

Adding Hammocks To Your Dock
There is no better way to spend a leisurely weekend in the comfort of your own hammock. You can buy customized sizes that can fit more than one person and will hang over the edge of your deck above the water. It is the best way to relax and unwind from the stresses of modern-day life. To add a hammock to your dock it will need a frame to mount it and then once set in place it will hang safely from the eye hooks.

Adding A Water Slide To Your Dock
One of the most fun customizations you can add to your dock is adding a water slide, especially if you have children or are a kid at heart. There is a huge choice of different types of choose from that include; winded, covered, uncovered or straight.

Adding A Grill To Your Dock
There is no better way of spending a day during the hot summer months than taking your boat for a cruise and then coming home to your dock to cook amazing food on your docking grill.You do not need to make a mess indoors and you can take in the amazing smell while you are cooking. There are many different types on the market but one of my favorites is the built-in grill on a countertop. Adding one to your dock will make it the perfect place to hang out, enjoy the view and eat fantastic food.

Adding Lighting To Your Dock
Adding lighting to both your boat and dock are vital if you want to spend the evening on either. With boats, it is extremely important as you want others to be able to see you and there are laws in certain parts of the world that require you to do so. There is a large choice of lighting options that you can add to your dock to add to the ambiance. You can choose lights such as underwater LED lighting or one that hangs around the docking pontoon. If you want to take it a stage further you can even download an app which will allow you to control them from your mobile phone.


If you have the money to buy a house on the lake, then you should be able to afford to customize it to stand out from the crowd. One of the most important things to add first if corner buffers to your dock so that your boat or the dock does not get damaged. After you have installed those there are so many options to choose from so it is down to your personal preference which ones to add but adding them will certainly improve the fun, ambiance and make it the perfect place to relax or enjoy spending time with friends and family.

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