Nov 23, 2016

Bush Fire Proofing Your House

Bushfires slowly advance in the existence of fuel in the form of wood, leaves or oil as well as any aggravating element that flames the fire. This element could be an unfortunate strike of lightening or a conscious or an unpredicted fire.
The leaves of eucalyptus trees contain oil in vast amounts which performs the act of fueling like any other oil/petroleum. These trees are prevalent in Australia, marking it as the centre of the most relentless bushfires.

Causes of Bushfire

Fuel Amount

Insignificant pieces of fuel such as twigs and tiny plants will be less likely to catch fire while the presence of trees in enormous amounts or dangerous leaves such as Eucalyptus loaded in oil can cause a widespread bushfire.


The drier the wood, the more likely the area is to catch fire while moist, wet and damp wood is less likely to catch fire at all.

Wind speed

Strong wind is inclined to push forth sprawling pieces of cinder which the trees within premises catch, and ignite, flare and possibly, burn down houses.


Old pipelines are anticipated to break or leak at some point. This may result in gas/oil leakage and probably be the leading cause of increasing fire turmoil. This expands vastly, consequently leading to properties catching fire.

As the famous proverb goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” People living in regions such as Australia that are highly prone to catching bushfire must undertake methods of prevention to avoid such accidents from happening.


The residents must abstain from living in highly forested areas as they are more likely to catch fire through forests and bush areas, even if it isn’t self-generated as again, wood is prone to flaring tiny cinders even if flying from foreign flames.

Meagre Plantation

To avoid the catastrophe of a burnt property, the residents must only engage in meagre plantation such as nurturing ephemeral trees or shorter plants and twigs.


Residents, specifically Australians, must make sure to leave about 15-20 Meters of space in the area surrounding their property. This is a measure to protect the house from any sorts of fatal heat or sparks.

If, the residents are engaged in vegetation, the growth of trees should be aligned spaciously. This prevents the linear spread of fire.

Gutter Cleansing

The gutters must be cleanedsed as any plant debris in the area is likely to catch fire and result in property damages and life threats.


The storage of combustible  chemicals and fuels such as petroleum, coal or others, must be carefully handled, specifically being placed in more isolated areas of the land so to prevent any sort ignition by cinders or ashes. These chemicals are quick to catch fire.

Accidents are never predicted, even if all such examples of preventions are implemented upon vigorously. This is why one should always make sure to insure their property and make sure to apt for an accidental insurance policy in case of fatality or financial loss through property damage.

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