Nov 24, 2016

Trying to plant some flowers isn’t a bad idea

Ever had this thing with your lawn disappearing? Was it on your volition or was it something that happened by accident? It happens many times than not, and that is one thing worth pursuing. Many gardeners are troubled with the prospect of having a bare lawn.

Getting your lawn lose its natural cover means that the surrounding of your home will not have that well-trimmed look.
Typical phenomena
The disappearance of the garden is not something that is uncommon in many homes as park owners replace the grass with several breeds of flowers. Some of these flowers include the varieties of ornamental grasses including the traditional herbs, alliums, hauchers, and bulbs.

At times, this fact may make the use if the lawn mower to be put on hold as I came to learn once when I paid a visit to my immediate neighbor. Going Gaga, at first sight, is not a typical thing with many who are into tending the lawn.

Flowers as perfect lawn replacements 

Most gardeners encourage their colleagues to be able to replace the grass with several bulbs which to some of the seasoned gardeners have in their gardens. However, it is sometimes clear that the majority of growers experiment with the different bulbs.

Replacing lawns with gardens is the dream of the backyard reformers. In fact, looking around, the earth is likely better off without the grass cover but instead better if we plant gardens in their place.

Sometimes, people regret when they have successfully eliminated their lawns with the gardens, and yet the gardens are yet to pick up. In fact, it is not worth lamenting as the eventual outcome may just be what the gardener would have liked.

The planting of flowers in the garden may not be bad after all as it encourages diverse forms of fauna to thrive. Take the case of several species of bees who love living in areas where the flowers are planted to understand the effect of planting flowers.

You may start planting just a few flower plants like the varieties of the dwarf narcissus sparingly with some tulips which will add an aura to the look of your lawn. Over time, the planting of other densely populated flower varieties as the park gets a new look.

Plants like the alliums karataviense or the alliums moly may work the ideal miracle. Some varieties of flowers like the Jeanine are however hard to interplant among the densely populated varieties flower.

You can still have them individually planted to add the color to the lawn look when it finally picks up. Such small flower varieties are good if planted close together to get the dense look as they germinate.

However, with the other bulbs which can work with them, you can achieve a good looking garden as you come up with the last lawn look.

The method of flower planting!
Several tested strategies of flower gardening exist, and the secret has been that the flower masses are usually the best if you have them on the lawn. With the flowers stuck together, you are at best going to achieve the color you need.

If you have a small garden space, then you may want to achieve what most people call the bowl effect with the planting of the flowers near the shrubs.while that would be so, when planting the flower bulbs, the intrinsic nature of the varieties makes the gardener have an afterthought as that may not allow for their ease of growth.

The ultimate effect of the gardening technique involving the planting of flower on the lawn is that you are bound to hit the proverbial bird with one stone as you get the aesthetics while you also achieve the environmental effect this is likely to succeed.

A mix of edible herbs as well

You may even decide to infuse the garden with some herbs which are good ads you get a feel of what their therapeutic and vegetative effect is. Herbs are good for the health of the lawn owner while some of them including some varieties of bulbs are known for their good properties.

Lawn reformers are at it to make people change their minds on the need to have meadows mixed with parks. While this is a long shot, it is worth giving some consideration however in most of the instances; it is the decision of the gardener and the lawn owner to decide.

Whatever appears on your lawn is what you decide on your own. Several blogs which I have written deal with this area and our current reformist agenda bring home the need to have flowers in your gardens. You can try them out and see.

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It's not a bad idea. It's the best!

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