Nov 25, 2016

How to Baby Proof Your Home

When it comes to caring for our children one of the biggest factors parents and guardians focus on is making sure they are safe. This can be with making sure they aren’t left alone in public places or that they are fully fed and not suffering from illness. However, there are actually a number of potential dangers in the home that can cause your child discomfort. These tips will help in preventing any of these potential hazards in the home and give you the steps to make sure your home is fully baby proofed.

Think Like a Baby

This is something which may seem slightly silly – but if you try follow your baby’s thought process then it could go a very long way in making sure that they are safe. The idea is to look around your home and think what you would pull at, grab at, or try climb on if you still had the playful mind of a baby. For instance, a young child or baby would probably try to pull at a cloth that might be on a dining table or try to open any cupboards – so you would want avoid using these cloths and think about getting a stopper fitted on your cupboards.

Have Designated Safety Areas

It can be hard to have the whole of your house completely cushioned and safe – so it can be a good idea to assign certain areas in your home for your baby to play and move around in. Or you can choose to have them in the main areas in your home but put cushions on the floor because if your baby is learning to walk they will have some bumps and falls along the way. But it would be good to have a special play area, such as a corner of a bedroom.

Secure Windows and Doors and Cabinets

Making sure that your windows, doors and cabinets are fully secure is something which is imperative when wanting to ensure your child’s safety. For most windows you can get a clip fitted on them that prevents the window from opening fully and this can make sure that a child wouldn’t be in danger if they push at it. For doors you can get a baby gate fitted so if the child wakes in the middle of the night they won’t be able to walk through the door. In terms of cabinets you want to make sure they are secure so that if they lean on them it doesn’t fall on top of them.

To Sum Up

These are just some of the steps to follow when making sure your child is safe in your home, and it is especially important if you adopt the child. For instance, a number of private fostering agencies whether you’re fostering in Liverpool or in Glasgow, will make sure that your home if completely safe for a young child to live in before you are allowed to go through the procedure of adoption. So if you didn’t already have an incentive to make sure your home is safe for a baby, then that should certainly be a good reason.

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