Nov 21, 2016

All That a Homeowner Should Know About Home Warranty

When we buy a home irrespective of whether it is new or old, it will be a good idea to buy home warranty insurance too. This will certainly provide us peace of mind as it will help us to get the components fixed in case of any possible damage. It is a kind of financial protection against unforeseen damage or expensive repair at home.
What is home warranty?
Often people misinterpret home warranty with homeowner insurance. Home insurance generally covers damages due to fire, crime, natural calamities or any other unforeseen events. On the other hand, home warranty does not cover all these but covers various important components of your home.

In order to get best home warranty insurance you need to contact a company, which deals with such type of insurance. In case any major component needs repair then you can either replace that component or repair it at minimum price. You can cover following items of your home under home warranty.
·         Air conditioning system
·         Furnace
·         Plumbing and Electrical systems
·         Washers, dryers and refrigerators
·         Swimming pools
·         Any other expensive components

Home Warranty Company generally ties up with various repair service providers. They do the actual repair work. In case, of any damage the home owner may contact the provider, who will send a representative to examine the extent of damage. He will then decide whether it requires repair or replacement. Home owner may need to pay small amount to the service provider as a service charge.

How much does it cost?
The warranty cost is generally based on the type of property and number of components installed in the house. The cost does not change much if the house is too old. However, for brand new house the cost will be little higher. The cost will be around few hundred dollars for a year. In addition to that the home owner will also have to pay certain service charges to the service providers, which will be based on the extent of the problem.

Here it should be clear in the mind of home owner that by purchasing the home warranty it does not mean that you will get free repair service. The home warranty company will help you to provide right service providers, who will set right your component at minimum amount of charges.

What are the benefits of home warranty?
Many homeowners may have a few questions in their mind that why should they buy such insurance if they have to pay service charges as well. Therefore, it is important to understand the benefits of such policy. Following are few of the benefits.
·         During the time of emergency repair, the insurance provider will cover the emergency cost
·         Home owner need not run around to look for suitable repair service provider in case any of the component breaks down
·         When you are buying any old house, you are not sure about the condition of the various items fitted in the house. Home warranty can therefore serve as an assurance that your component will be immediately repaired in case of any breakdown. 

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