Jun 3, 2013

The Home Office Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning a home office can be one of the least comfortable jobs in the house. In addition to cleaning, you may also have some tidying and organizing that needs to be done as well.

Here is an easy to use check sheet that will help you get your home office into shape in no time at all.

1. Clean your desk
Take everything off of your desk until you can see only dirt and dust. Work from the top down to the bottom using an extendable duster. Before returning anything back to the desk, make sure that it is dusted.

2. Dust your computer
Use a microfiber cloth to dust your computer from the top to the bottom. Afterwards, use the cloth to dust off the other electronics in the room including the fax machine, the printer etc.

3. Clean your bookshelves
Remove all of the storage containers, books and magazines from the shelf and dust them with an extendable duster. Always work from top to bottom so when the dust falls you can grab it on the way down. Storage containers should be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Nothing should be put back onto the bookshelves until it is dusted and cleaned first.

4. Vacuum the area
Get the vacuum and attack your desk chair using an attachment. Do the same for the carpet or any area rugs in the room. The filing cabinet, the desk and other large office furniture pieces need to be moved to vacuum the areas underneath them. Make sure that you have done the closet as well since a lot of dust and accumulate there especially in the corners. If you don't have carpeting in the room, mop the floor instead and use a small handheld vacuum to clean the chair.

5. Clean the office chair
It's time to wipe the chair down. You should have a cloth cleaner that you can use to spot treat any stains on the chair’s upholstery. Don't forget to wipe down the wheels, arms and legs of the chair as well.

6. Wash your office windows
When things get too rough in the office and you need to take a breather, you’ll want the windows to be nice and clean when looking outside. Use a glass cleaner or some vinegar and newspaper to make your windows gleam.

7. Wash the blinds
Use a damp cloth to wipe all the dirt off of the blinds. You could also vacuum and dust using a brush attachment on a low setting.

8. Wash the light fixtures
Keep the light fixtures clean and dust-free to have the best light you need in the office to work effectively.

9. Sterilize your keyboard and telephone
You should not only clean these units but you should also sterilize them as well. Nasty germs and bacteria can harbor on these items. Since you use them frequently, they should be sanitized on a regular basis for your own health and well-being.

10. Handle any bug infestations naturally
If you happen to see any bugs while cleaning, you'll want to look for natural products to get rid of them. You probably spend a lot of time in your office and you don't want to have yourself exposed to toxic fumes and chemicals. Even professional pest control companies are using more natural solutions to get rid of common insect problems that can develop around the house.

Sharon Freeman is a professional freelancer who writes and about cleaning services and reviews companies such as http://cleangroup.com.au/

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