Jun 26, 2013

Maintaining a Property’s Exterior an Inexpensive Way to Retain Value

While redecorating completely may prove too costly or time consuming for some, professional cleaning can increase the durability, longevity and value of the home.

In this recession hit time, many people want to move away from worn out houses, but buying one of a different size or location is not viable. Others find themselves in a situation where they have to cash in on their property. In these instances, spending some time redecorating the outside of the house will have the advantage of both making it more homely and increasing its value to buyers.

Increase the Durability and Longevity of a Home
The wear and tear of the elements means that a property will deteriorate faster on the outside than inside. The dramatic changes in temperature through the seasons - sun, rain and wind - can all erode it and, if left unattended, this can cause some serious structural damage.

The quality of the work carried out here will define the length of time separating you from having to go back and do the work again. However, many people are put off this undertaking by the assumption that a high standard of work here is hard to achieve.

Destroying Assumptions
This is not actually the case. Redecorating the exterior of a house is not difficult if the right advice is followed, but it can be very time consuming. The property will have to be cleaned thoroughly to remove any mildew and chalking (whereby some oil based and alkyd paints powder away from the wall as a result of rain). Every bit of old paint will then have to be peeled from the walls, any cracks or damage repaired and the surfaces plastered flat before paint that will last a long time can be applied.

Amateurs may not choose the right type of paint that suits the material used to construct their home’s exterior. And, while quality paint can be bought cost-effectively, if researched properly, paint brushes and rollers needed to complete work to a high standard and unexpected necessities, like ladders, can drive the price up substantially.

You also have to be lucky with the weather and have a 48-hour time period with cloudless skies, nominal winds and low humidity, with temperatures of between 50 and 85°F to ensure that the work can be completed properly, and amateur redecorators may not be able to complete the work quickly enough to beat changing weather patterns and meet this tight time window.

These issues should not be considered too off-putting since there is a wealth of expert information around that can guide an amateur redecorator and, if followed, they will be surprised by the standard of the finish achieved. If people look thoroughly into this preparation and decide against doing it, another option is to call on professionals to do this work and any such company worth their salt will offer guarantees for the standard and longevity of their service.

Cheaper Alternatives
However, it may still be the case that homeowners, while having the best intentions to look after their homes, simply do not have the money to redecorate. An alternative is to have a professional cleaning company, like House Washing Brisbane, come and overhaul the exterior of the home. This work will make the property look more attractive to residents and potential buyers alike, and will also increase the durability and longevity of the property itself.

Considering that a property is the most valuable asset belonging to most people, it is vital that they regularly carry out at least one of these options, so as to retain its value.

Author Bio
Simon has written many articles on DIY and the like over the years. After seeing his father’s face, red with frustration, after another botched redecorating job, he took it upon himself to do these jobs himself for the sake of his family’s sanity. His articles on the subject are splattered around the web.

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