Jun 15, 2013

How to Choose the Best Designer Bedding for Your Home

The wonderful world of designer brands can include so many products and services. Quite a few products have been tagged with the designer label and they do indeed justify the same. You can get hold of quite a few products with the designer tag attached to them.
Some of the most common products and services that have the best designer labels with them are:
·         Interior decoration items,
·         Perfumes,
·         Jewelry,
·         Spa services,
·         Clothes,
·         Accessories of different kinds and
·         Wristwatches to name just a few.

As far as your home is concerned, one of the areas in which you can really spend a lot of time on is how to choose the best designer bedding. There are plenty of big names such as Donna Karan and Vera Wang who have got into the interior decor business and brought out some fabulous lines of designer bedding. Keeping just a few tips and pointers in mind, you can certainly make the best choice of designer bedding for your own home.


While there are plenty of designer labels available, you need to make a choice between what appeals to you and what does not. For instance, choosing colours such as shocking pink and Royal purple are fabulous indeed but if you are trying to build a really soothing area in your bedroom, then these colours may not go along with your thought patterns.

On the other hand, if you find such colours soothing, then you must go in for it and also choose really cool and modern designs as far as a luxury bedding designer bedding is concerned. You could also spend just a bit of time to figure out the kind of designs that appeal to you. Choosing between floral, geometric, plain and even abstract are just some of the things that you can do when it comes to choosing the best designer bedding.

Fiber and material

Designer bedding can come in quite a vast array of fibers and materials. For instance, would you like to buy silk bed sheets or would you like to go in for linen? A lot of people love the touch of silk against the skin as they sleep. But some people find it extraordinarily cool and slippery.

So, going as per the fiber and the material is also a good idea when you are trying to choose the best designer bedding. You have options between linen, jute, silk, satin, cotton and even cashmere. Each of these choices has specific advantages and disadvantages so do read up on them before you decide.

Thread counts

This is perhaps one of the biggest factors that come into play when you are buying designer bedding. Higher the thread count, better the quality is the simple rule. So when you are talking about cotton bedding, look for something in the vicinity of a thread count of 300. This will give you some ultra soft bedding options.

Another thing that you may like to pay attention to is the mix and match of bedding options. A lot of people tend to go in for a match or set of plain and pattern in their designer bedding and also try and keep a certain color spectrum in mind.

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