Jun 10, 2013

5 Attributes that Describe the Eminence of Walnut and Mahogany Furniture for Home

Modern furniture ideas have evolved a period giving place to sleeker and smarter options. However, the age-old designs of the royal era, made from mahogany, walnut, oak hardwood still occupy a major place in the market. People who prefer antique palatial set up still choose the hardwood furniture over the modern material options like glass, fiberglass, metals, rot iron, steel and artificial wood. With the difference in taste and type of décor, the setting also follows a different style. The hardwood oak, walnut and mahogany furniture are bulker than the space saving modern furnishings. The modern set up is more oriented towards saving space, budget and making the set look cleaner and leaner. However, nothing can replace the charm of hardwood mahogany and walnut furniture. The bedroom furniture comprises of armoires, rocking chair, bedside chest cum tables, poster beds, Sleigh beds, dressing tables, French style beds, and so on.


Talking about hardwood furniture, Mahogany is one of the expensive hardwoods available. It is rare but long lasting; this is what gives it an edge of uniqueness and antique appeal. Mahogany is famous for its deep, reddish-brown color and its beauty spot are the grains in it. The fine furnishings carved out of this wood are timeless pieces in themselves. Walnut wood is preferable for making furniture that requires fine carving, and intricate designing and mostly used for ornate pieces such as headboard of beds, or mantelpieces. Walnut was the charm of Europe in 17th and 18th century. Walnut veneers are still used in modern furniture but the not solid walnut wood, because that comes costly.


The furniture made from Mahogany is considered as an investment, and investment in timeless beauty, design, charm and sophistication it adds that is meant to inheritance for the generations to come. Walnut furniture is also similarly known for its durability.

Style, Panache, Traditional, Antique & Unique-

Mahogany and walnut wood is generally related traditionally styled furniture pieces but depending on the designing and furniture made out of it, it can suit any décor style and add panache to the contemporary interior designs also. Hat stand, nightstands, coffee table, and footrest, are some of the ideas of furniture that you could use top add élan to your contemporary décor while keeping in budget. Walnut is usually made with intricate carvings that last for years. The walnut tree has two tones- darker wood on the outside and deeper within is the light colored wood, these complement the artisans for their creativity and give a wide choice to the consumers.

Controversial Sources of Wood-

It is good to be conscious about the environment that we are using to fulfill our needs. Mahogany is a rare wood and walnut is any way in demand always. The source of wood becomes a controversial matter because when things commercialize with increase in demand then faulty methods prop up to meet the demands and earn profits.

The wood supplying industry is plagued by overharvesting and illegal logging across in Peruvian Amazon and other places. Some companies have even stopped selling mahogany furniture in lieu of this. When buying antique furniture make sure the salesperson has due information regarding its origin and make, denoting “genuine mahogany” issued by the Mahogany Association. There is a difference in real mahogany and luaun, which is species of the same plant but not Mahogany itself. Luaun is generally sold as Philippine mahogany, so beware of that.

Purchase Mahogany furniture only from reliable seller that is in accord with the certifications and verifications from forestry commissions.

Types Of Furniture Pieces That Complement Walnut And Mahogany-

Walnut and Mahogany are justified for their beauty and qualities when used to carve out furniture that adds panache to the home. With elegant styling, that complements the décor and linens spread, hardwood furniture uplifts the magnificence of the home. The most preferred furniture items made of hardwood would be of Victorian style and rustic designs that go with the antique attribute of hardwood. These generally include Victorian style poster beds, four-poster-beds, Winsor furniture, designer variety of vintage rocking chair, lamp post, hat stand, beautiful armoires, chests, bedside table, sleigh beds, dressing table with a huge mirror in walnut frame, centre table of living room with beautiful stunning carvings and motifs on legs and frame, sofas, footrests, so on. Dark walnut furnishings in oak flooring would be expensive but the kind of royal grandeur it adds to the home is unmatchable. Even white French furniture paired with walnut furnishings is majestic in its own way.

So, if you have the taste and money, go ahead with it and indulge in the majestic beauty of the furniture. Do remember to refer magazines and online portals for better ideas, combinations, cheap deals and décor tips.
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