Jun 8, 2013

How to Beautifully Transform Your Home on a Budget

How to beautifully transform your home on a budget
Many of us would love to re-design our property but find ourselves restricted by finances. However, a few creative touches may be all it takes to transform your house into a completely new home. Here are some tips on how to achieve makeover results on a budget.
How to start
* The best way to begin re-vamping a room is by re-thinking it, in terms of what the room is used for, who uses it and how it could better serve these needs.

* Collect clippings from home design magazines, or look at the latest trends in interior architecture in London and other capitals to help you form a visual idea of what you want. Then plan what you can afford to spend on decorating and begin to think of low-cost solutions to achieve your desired look.

Spruce up your living areas
* A simple solution (and often also the cheapest) is to use paint. Painting walls, old furniture, window sills and skirting boards can all flood a room with renewed vibrancy, providing you pick your shades well. You could consult colour trends from interior architecture in London such as teal or cerise, or stick with a fresh neutral to give the space a subtle transformation.

* If you don't have time to decorate, try accessorising instead. This can take many forms, but the main aim is to project a sense of character into your living areas. So, pick out a rug and some cushions in the same accent shade, or invest in one key patterned item like a hand-crafted throw or a new set of curtains.

Make use of natural resources
* Nature is another undervalued makeover tool; a few touches of greenery and flowers can instantly bring more life into a room. Place a few stems in a vase, or make a focal point with some petals in a bowl. Better still, a permanent flowering plant in one corner will last longer and be more cost effective.

* Whatever you do to the room, make good use of its light sources. Swap heavy old curtains for light-filtering blinds and place mirrors opposite the windows to maximise the daylight you receive. When it comes to artificial lighting, look at modern halogen and LED bulbs for more natural effects. Consider installing a few wall fittings to even out the light, so it's not just filtering from an overhead ceiling bulb.

Of course, there are countless other ways you can make improvements to your home without denting your wallet. The key thing to focus on if you can't buy new is to reinvent and re-present what you already have. Even the latest trends in interior architecture in London often make use of reclaimed items like old trunks as feature tables, or take things like vintage china and hang it on the wall. Any number of small changes can add up to a radical difference, so all that remains is to get the imagination fired up.

Christine Haddock is a freelance blogger and also writes on home design for print. Her passion for upcycled furniture has led her to pen a number of articles on budget improvements as well as checking in with the latest trends in interior architecture London as often as she can.
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