Jan 26, 2012

Tips for Shopping for Home Decor Online

With the growing availability of online stores, shopping for home decor has never been easier. Instead of going from store to store and flipping through countless catalogues like we used to do, one can now simply log on to the Internet to browse countless options of kitchen decor, living room decor or even garden decor. Getting the looks you want for your home has never been easier; you are no longer limited to the items you can find in your community because now you can peruse products that are available from the global community. To get the most out of your online shopping experience, here are a few tips to ensure your purchases are made as smoothly as possible.

Plan Early

When buying products on from online stores, one thing you have to take into consideration is the shipping time. This is one of the drawbacks to online shopping, but you can avoid any hassles by planning and ordering early. Online retailers have a legal responsibility to ship your products within the time they say that they will, so if you are ordering from a reputable retailer you shouldn't have to worry about late shipments. Additionally, planning helps you to save money on your online purchases. If you know that you are getting many products from a single retailer, then you can reduce your shipping costs by buying in bulk. Estimating how much time something should take to get from the store to you isn't too hard: if you are buying a large couch from overseas then be prepared to wait a while. Alternately, if you are buying flowers online then you can generally expect the flowers to turn up on the same day.

Know What You Want

Having a general understanding of how you want your home to look will save you countless hours of browsing websites and searching for the perfect look. Come up with a list of things that you want before you even start looking, this will not only save you time, but will also reduce the chances of unnecessary impulse purchases. Once you know what it is you are looking for, you can begin eyeing up deals as well as start comparing prices and choosing a reputable retailer. If it is paint, carpet, curtains or other fabrics that you are after, ask the retailer to send you swatches before you buy anything since some colours are different in real life then they are online.

Protect Yourself

The following are a few examples as to how you can protect your personal and financial security while you are shopping online:

- Find out about warranties or guarantees of products as well as their cancellation and return policies. Print out and save a copy of your confirmation page and take note of the company’s phone number just in case there are any problems.

- Make sure your online purchase is secure. You will know that it is if the website begins with "https://" as opposed to simply "http://".

- Never give out your tax file number, passwords, or any other personal information that isn't necessary for the purchase.

- If you can, try to only use a credit card for online purchases. The great thing about credit cards is that only credit is drawn out as opposed to your personal finances, you aren't as vulnerable to identity theft, plus any suspicious purchases can be put on hold.

- Use you consumer intuition: if something feels wrong, then proceed with caution.

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