Jan 17, 2012

8 Great Businesses for the Stay at Home Mum

Many stay at home mums decide that they want to go into business for themselves. Often a lack of money can be an issue when it comes to starting up a business but there are many options for starting a home based business. Depending on what you decide to do your start up costs can be minimal. It is also great to be able to work, contribute to the family income and still be there to look after your children. It is a decision many women are making because they are finding it difficult to make ends meet financially, they need something extra in their lives or they want to go back to work but can't afford to put children into childcare. Do note that if you start up a home based business you will need to make sure that your insurance is up to date, including your home and contents insurance, and you will need public liability if clients will be coming to your home. Some women find that their home based business becomes so successful they need more space and have to either move to a bigger home, or even build an office space in the back garden. When moving house make sure you choose a reputable removalist.

Party plan

Having a party plan business is a fantastic option for the stay at home mum as she can work it in to fit around her children. She can work as little or as much as she likes and potentially earn an unlimited income. There are many different party plan companies to choose from with a wide variety of products to sell. From plastic containers, to bed linen, to lingerie and even chocolate, there is plenty of choices for someone who wants to run their own business but have the support of the company and other consultants.


A photographer can take all sorts of different photos. Many go out into the field to take photos, and often if they do portraits they may visit people in their homes or do shots outdoors. Some photographers who are based at home choose to set up a studio in a spare room. You do need to invest in a fair amount of equipment but there is the potential to do very well.

Make up artist

There are many places that do training so that you can become a qualified make up artist. A make artist will travel around and do make up for weddings, special occasions and even fashion shoots. You can easily work from home as all you need are your make up kit and be able to drive to your client.


There are courses available to learn how to be a bookkeeper. Make sure you set up your home office properly, have the right computer system and plenty of storage space for clients paperwork. It is worth investing in a large filing cabinet.


You can be a massage therapist from home. You could choose to have a room in your house set aside especially for clients, with a massage table, and conduct your business at home. Otherwise you might choose to take a portable table around with you to your clients homes.


You might decide to buy into a gardening franchise and maintain people's gardens. As a franchise you are representing a company but are essentially in business for yourself. Other franchises that you can do from home include dog wash services, ice cream delivery or even financial planners.

Day care

If you get a Working with Children check, and your home adheres to the right standards, you can run a Family Day Care from home.

Online store

If you can't afford to set up a retail store, or you need to be home with the children, you can set up a retail business online and have an online store.

There are plenty of options for businesses for the stay at home mum, it is just a matter of choosing the right one for you.
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