Jan 23, 2012

How You Can Throw the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings can be beautiful and romantic but take a lot of planning. With an outdoor wedding there are added elements you need to consider such as hot or rainy weather, possibly having to deal with insects and guests becoming overheated and dehydrated. You will need to have sort of shelter, such as a pergola. You may choose to have your outdoor wedding on the beach, in gardens or at home alongside your brand new kit home. The choice of location is entirely up to you.


Even if it is summer be prepared for all weather. A Spring day can often quickly turn into a rainy day and in Summer temperatures can soar into the forties. You will need bottles of cold water available and perhaps even a fan for those hot days. You will need some sort of shelter, such as a pergola or a marquee or you may have a big enough veranda around your home. In colder weather you can hire outdoor heaters.


If you are planning on getting married in a public space you may need a permit to do so. Contact your local council because there are rules in regards to things like photography, lighting candles outdoors, throwing confetti and rubbish removal.


You can organise everything to do with your wedding but you can't stop the bugs and insects that naturally occur outdoors, particularly during warmer weather. Insects can be annoying for guests so make sure you put out citronella candles or have a bug zapper.


If guests are drinking alcohol it is also a good idea to provide plenty of water. You can very quickly become dehydrated when outside and drinking alcohol doesn't help. Provide plenty of bottled water as well as non-alcoholic drinks for your guests. If it is going to be a really hot day have someone keep an eye on guests and make sure they are drinking enough fluids.


Check that your caterer is experienced in handling outdoor weddings as they will need to be conscious of providing food that will last outdoors and not go off. You might need to choose food that does not require refrigeration and won't spoil in the heat. Foods containing dairy products aren't a good idea, such as cheese and cream. Seafood can also be a problem if it gets hot. You don't want to end up poisoning your guests, so choose your menu wisely.

Alternative plans

You should have a back up plan. If it rains your whole day could be spoiled if you don't have somewhere for guests to shelter, and if it is very hot you will need somewhere for guests to retire in the shade. You can choose to marry outdoors and then hold the reception inside. Otherwise hire a marquee to provide shade and shelter and even think about having raised flooring so that if it does rain and the ground becomes soaked guests won't end up with wet feet.

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