Jan 28, 2012

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

Regardless of whether you have home insurance, you want to know that your home is a safe and protected place. Knowing this means that you can feel easy when heading away for a weekend, or feel safe when you live there alone or are left alone for a week while your partner or roommates head out of town.

Maybe you just want to make sure your investment property in Sydney is well looked after, in addition to having tenants who live there. Here are 5 steps you can take towards having a safer, more secure home.
1.Home Security Systems

One of the most obvious and effective ways you can protect your home is through using a home security system. These can be set for the entire house before you leave for your vacation, and if triggered, a security person will head to the property as soon as possible – especially if you have advised them that you will be out of town.

Place the alarm system stickers on the front doors and all windows that are at easy access, so as to deter someone attempting to break in in the first place.

They are also great if you are home alone for the weekend because there is usually an option to set the alarm for certain zones only – meaning you can still sleep in a safely alarmed house.


Having deadlocks, particularly for your front door, is a great option in addition to an alarm system, and absolutely essential if you can’t afford to install a security system. It will also save you from that annoying feeling of wondering whether or not you locked the door as you drive away after a busy morning.

If your home is in an area particularly prone to break-ins, you may like to consider bars across the windows as well. Include a screen and then you get the added bonus of keeping out the mosquitos during summer as well!

3.Know Your Neighbours

Being friendly with your neighbours is a great idea for a number of reasons, not only for the safety of your home.

Letting them know you are headed out of town and having them keep an eye on the property for you, maybe even feeding your pets or collecting your mail, is one way to keep the home from looking empty or deserted.


Ask a few of your friends if they wouldn’t mind staying in the home for a week while you are away: having someone in the house and a car in the garage will mean opportunists won’t even realise you have gone out of town.

If you are home alone, don’t feel embarrassed to ask a friend to come and stay with you – make the most of it and embrace the time you have the home to yourself – it is probably very rare!

5.Choose a Safe Area

If you really do feel anxious about leaving the house unoccupied, so much so that you struggle to sleep or tend never to go away: then perhaps you need to think about moving to a safer neighbourhood.

There is no reason you should feel anxious about leaving the house late at night, and the extra amount you pay in rent, or the sacrifices you have to make in terms of size, will all be worth it for your peace of mind.

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