Jan 19, 2012

How to Create an Outdoor Room

One of the many advantages of living in Australia is being able to spend warm weekends and Christmas holidays outdoors. Many Australians use outdoor areas for cooking, entertaining, alfresco dining, swimming and growing flowers and plants. A well designed space adjacent to the home proper can ideally be utilized all year-round as recent innovations in outdoor heating, accessories and flooring are providing more options for versatility and comfort.

As more and more Australians move closer to major cities, available outdoor space has been significantly reduced. However a limited amount of external space does not mean having to abandon your idea of an outdoor room. Creating a well designed outside area allows you to increase your living space without the expense of renovating or extending your home.

Container Plants and Climbers

Flowering plants and climbing vines can not only provide much needed privacy to your outdoor area they also create boundaries allowing you to clearly define your space. Container plants and vines also add texture, colour and dimension to your outdoor area. Climbing plants are perfect additions, especially in limited space, while climbing species are readily available to suit any type of environment. Researching flowers online or asking your local nursery about the sunlight and temperature requirements of flowering climbers will help you decide which one is best for your space.

Bougainvilleas can create a roof-like canopy over your pergola or add colour and texture to a bare wall. Star Jasmine not only looks beautiful trailing over fences or walls but its lovely fragrance will catch on the breeze, bringing a calming influence into your living area. Lavender can be potted and positioned to define or separate outdoor spaces and the scent of Lavender also provides a pleasant atmosphere. There are many options when it comes to container plants including the planting of bulbs like tulips and daffodils or clustering trendy succulents in large pots to create borders and decoration.

Outdoor Heating

Portable fire pits and other outdoor heaters come in a range of styles and options that allow you choices when it comes to arranging your space; and if you’re renting you get to take it with you. There are various types of gas, electric and eco-friendly ethanol heaters suitable for outside that are stylish and effective in a contained space, encouraging longer use through the cooler seasons.


New trends in outdoor furniture include bamboo frames, metal frames, timber slated screens and wicker furniture. Investing in good quality fabrics that withstand the changing elements is worth-while if you don’t like dragging it all inside each time it rains.


Lighting is an important part of the function of an outdoor area. Appropriate lighting gives more options and versatility in your space and can usher your room seamlessly into the night. LED’s, light emitting diodes, are energy efficient and cheap to run. LED’s can light up your outdoor room brilliantly or in a subdued mood no matter the size and are available to suit a range of fixtures. Wall-mounted spot lights, reflective post lights, wall washers, landscape lighting and floodlighting can all be achieved with LED’s. New styles also come in stainless-steel for outdoor durability and ensured weatherproofing.

Outdoor Rugs

An outdoor rug can define your space while adding colour and comfort during colder months. Many beautiful and fashionable outdoor rugs are available in weather resistant materials. Matching the colour of your rug with pots, floral displays or outdoor cushions can tie the entertaining space together.

Outdoor Kitchens

To complete your Australian outdoor room you can’t go past an outdoor kitchen or modern stainless steel barbecue. Modern outdoor kitchen and barbecues contain everything you need to entertain outdoors including refrigerators, dishwashers and even the kitchen sink. Their sleek form and function will have you wondering how you ever ate the food off that old greasy barbecue at the beach last year. Well, now that you have completed your outdoor room you will never have to do that again.

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