Sep 29, 2011

Where to Go When Your Home Is Being Renovated

So you have finally decided to add that extra bit of much needed space to your home and hired renovators to do extensive work to improve your house. What you maybe didn’t think about was where you and your family will go while all this is happening. If you don’t find a comfortable alternative for you and your family to stay at in the meantime, you may start to feel displaced, scattered and unorganized. Here are a few ideas as to how you can continue on with life like normal and keep doing what you need to do even after having your home invaded and pulled apart.

Have a home away from home
There is no reason why you can’t still have all the comforts of home while you are having your house remodeled. There are more than enough options for
serviced apartments in Sydney, Melbourne and apartments in Brisbane as well as any city in-between that will provide all the luxuries of your home in a neat little unit. Not only will you feel at home and be able to continue business-as-usual, but also you don’t have to worry about utilities and general maintenance for the duration of your stay in the apartment. Apartments are generally located in central and convenient locations so you can still be close to work, your friends and other amenities of your daily life.

Set up in a hotel
If money is an issue, a good alternative to the apartment is to find a nice hotel that is in a good location. Often hotels will give a discounted rate on long-term stays, and you will feel like royalty with convenient services such as room service and a daily cleaning service. If you have a large family, however, then serviced apartments may still be the best option so that everyone can have their own room.

Stay with family or friends

If you are lucky enough to have friends or family with a sizeable house (and don’t mind being imposed on), why not crash there for a few weeks? This is a great opportunity to spend some quality time hanging out and catching up, and you can all take turns with the housework. Just make sure you remember to invite them over to your new and improved home for a barbie to show them how much you appreciated their hospitality.

Go on a holiday
Being displaced from your home during a renovation can have its benefits. This is the perfect opportunity to finally go on that holiday you’ve always wanted to go on. If you’ve always wanted to take the family overseas, but didn’t have anyone to look after your home, now is your chance! Have you ever wanted to go on a cruise or is it time to finally visit distant relatives you haven’t seen in while? Take advantage of having this kind of freedom, because you never know when you will get the chance again!

Having your home renovated doesn’t have make your life more difficult, use this time to sit back, relax and let the professionals do all the work.

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