Sep 1, 2011

Planting Trees inside the House

There’s nothing wrong with this idea, right? It’s still probable to plant trees in the house, since paying attention to some issues relates to the growth of the tree itself and the interests of residents.

No doubt, plant has many benefits for home health. Starting from a natural oxygen supplier, giving shade from the sun, until soothing sight for tired eyes, all provided by green foliage plants.

In fact, the presence of a large tree in the house was done in some houses, like in an architect's house in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In the back of his house, a durian tree allowed to grow so that its top passes through the roof.

For the continuing growth of the tree, notice the pavement which was built around the tree. Trees will continue to grow, so does its roots. Make sure there is enough space for this growth. Conversely, taking into account if there are roots that will lift the floor surrounding the tree.

For smaller trees that are planted in pots, make sure the need for adequate sunlight. For that, remove the pot regularly once a week. Doing crop rotation is also a solution. Enter one potted plants into the room, while one other pot placed outside the chamber. After a week or 2 weeks, exchange the position of the two plants. In this way, the tree will continue to be fresh and you can derive optimal benefits.

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