Sep 2, 2011

Could Disposable E Cigs Be the Best Solution for Smokers?

Disposable e cigs are designed with a specific segment of the population in mind: smokers who go to places where you can’t smoke. Think about it. If you want to use the ecig to quit smoking, or to start taking nicotine without having to also inhale tar and benzene and all the other god awful constituents of actual cigarette smoke, then you buy a rechargeable electric cigarette that will last you for as long as possible. Cost effectiveness alone says that doing anything else is more than a little daft.

So what’s the point of disposable e cigs? Surely you either smoke cigarettes, or you quit them and smoke the ecig instead?

Not so if you are a cigarette smoker who (for example) goes to a club in London, where you can’t smoke inside and aren’t allowed out for a cigarette (it’s true: I’ve been to several and it sucks, especially when you’re drunk). In this situation the disposable option is ideal. It doesn’t cost anything like as much as the rechargeable version (and so it shouldn’t, otherwise there really would be no point at all) so you can safely go out, get a few drinks down you and “smoke” your ecig without worrying that you’ll have lost your £80 investment in the morning.

The disposable e cigarette, then, has a very particular market. In a free country where smoking tobacco is still legal, of course, there is nothing to stop you being a confirmed smoker. I’m one myself. The legalities of smoking indoors can make it impossible for a confirmed smoker to have a good time when he or she goes out. The disposable ecigs, on the other hand, ensures that someone like me can get out and about without getting grouchy, nervous or feeling like the whole world is out to get them.

In other words: the disposable e cigarette redresses the balance for people who have no intention of quitting tobacco, or who just haven’t got around to it yet. And the world is full of people who haven’t got around to quitting tobacco yet, I can tell you.

People who hate going on ferries or planes can use a disposable electric cigarette (provided of course that modern security lets you board an aircraft with a liquid capsule and an atomiser, which looks less and less likely with every passing day) to give them that calming nicotine jolt when they need it. I’ve always thought it funny that nicotine, which is a stimulant, should calm you down, but there you go.

The disposable e cigarette comes in a plastic pack, looks like a pen and gives around 500 hits. That’s the same, according to the ecig manufacturers, as a couple of packets of cigarettes – or in other words, equivalent to a single charge on a normal sized non disposable ecig.

Logic, then, would dictate that anyone who only needs an electric cigarette for the length of one normal charge, should be fine with a disposable e cigarette. If you know you will use the ecig regularly for longer than that then the disposable is not for you.

So apart from getting drunk in clubs and going on planes, what’s the point? Well, anyone who is thinking about making the transition from tobacco to the e cig would do well to buy a disposable one first. That way you can try without having to spend the much more significant money on a full starter pack.
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