Sep 23, 2011

8 Reasons You Should Build a Kit Home

There are many reasons you should build a kit home. Kit homes are a fantastic option instead of building a conventional home. They have all the benefits of a normal home except you can save yourself a lot of money. There are many designs to choose from and styles to suit your exact location. You can also still include all the usual extras that you might have on any other house, such as patios, verandas, solar panels or rain water tanks. There are kit homes in Victoria being built all the time, including other states around Australia. Kit homes are being increasingly popular.


A kit home is a very cost effective way of building a home. The materials to build the home will be delivered to your property all at once, along with comprehensive instructions as to how to build it. The home will come complete so that you can build it to lock up stage. You will usually still then need to do the plastering, the electrical work, the plumbing, fit out the kitchen and bathroom, put in the flooring and paint. Despite this it is still a cheaper way to build a home. You can have a builder construct your home for you, but to save even more money you can build it yourself.

Quick to Build

Once the materials have been delivered to your property the home is relatively quick to build. If you worked on it every day you could build your new kit home in as little as eight weeks. It is likely the procedures would be slowed a little when it comes to waiting for different tradesmen to do things like the plumbing or electrical work. You also might lose time due to bad weather.


With many kit home companies you have the flexibility of altering the floor plans of different home designs to suit your lifestyle. Some companies will also include the kitchen and bathroom if you wish. You can sometimes have the choice of a home built with a timber framework or one constructed from steel. You can choose to either build it yourself or have a builder do it for you, or you might use a builder for some parts of the construction.

Owner builder

The fantastic thing about kit homes is that you can build them yourself, in the meantime saving yourself a lot of money. It could be a fantastic project for you and your partner to complete together.


There are many different kit home designs to choose from, different sizes and styles to suit many different locations.

Steel frame

Another advantage of building a kit home is having one with a steel framework. They are easy to put together and are very strong but light weight. They also have the benefit of being termite resistant and will survive a bush fire better than a timber framed house.

Choose your own kitchen and bathroom

If your kit home comes complete to lock up stage only you have the advantage of being able to design your own kitchen and bathroom completely from scratch.


With a kit home you can have all the usual additions that you might make to a conventional home, such as a veranda, a patio area for entertaining or you might install solar panels or rain water tanks to make your home more eco friendly.
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