Sep 11, 2021

7 Things People Usually Forget To Do When Moving House

Boxes ready for moving

Having to move from your home can be pretty stressful. As a result, you might forget to do some important things during the process of relocation. To give you a helping hand, we made a list of 7 things people usually forget to do when moving house. If you take the time to check it, you will have a smooth, worry-free relocation.

1.    Inform important people and institutions about your move

To make sure you start on the right foot and that your move goes as planned, you should notify people of your change of address. Of course,  you should start with your family and friends, but the list should be a bit longer. For example, you should inform your mobile and internet provider that you are changing the address. 


Otherwise, invoices will continue to come to the old address, and you may be shut off from their services. It's also a good idea to give your new address to a former neighbor. It will be easier for anyone who wants to reach you but only has your old address. 

Another critical aspect consists of transferring all the important information to your new location. Your children will most likely move schools, and your family may change doctors. As a result, make sure you transfer all of your former school and doctor's information to the new ones. When you can be sure that anyone that needs to know about your move is informed, you can move to the next step.

2.    Take care of your valuables.

When you have to relocate, keep your valuables safe. Keep your jewelry, for instance, in a safe or a secure box that will not fall apart if dropped. Put paintings and other valuable art in an empty room that won't be accessible to everyone that might enter the house during the move. Or, you can follow the advice of the professionals at and keep everything valuable in a storage unit. It can stay there until after the move and spare you the stress of wondering if everything is still in one piece.

Person packing something fragile for a move.
Make sure to pack fragile items with care.

3.    Don’t forget about appliances.

If you are moving from a rented place, don't forget to unplug all the electric appliances. Who knows when the new tenants will come, so it is safer to prevent unwanted accidents and save some electricity. Furthermore, never forget to defrost the freezer. Even if it is yours or will be left behind, make sure you defrost it a few days before you move. If you have to leave with it, you wouldn't want water to spill all over the moving van. Also, if you leave it behind and unplugged, you might cause a small flood in the house. Avoid any unwanted problems by just paying attention to some minor details.

4.    Write down your meter readings.

This is one of the most critical seven things people usually forget to do when moving house. It would be best to write down the meter rating for water, gas, and electricity on the day of the move. If you forget to do so, there might be some extra costs that could appear on your last bills. It is easier to prevent that from happening by writing down and sending your readings to your providers.

5.    Take care of your pets and your plants.

With all the stress involved in the moving process, you might forget that you have some plants lying around the house. Sometimes you can get so used to them that you start to believe they have been there since you first came. Be sure to pay attention to your plants and to water them regularly. Of course, not on the day of the move. You wouldn't want water to pour all over the car. Instead, you can put the pots in plastic bags and leave them open so that the plants can breathe. This prevents soil from being spilled if a flower pot breaks or turns over during the ride.

If you are a pet owner, don't forget to look after your best friend. Make sure it has enough food and water, and if you have a dog, take it on its regular walks. In addition, if your pet is not used to car rides, get it to adjust in time. Buy a suitable carrier and take it on short rides before the move to get acquainted with the car environment. Also, prepare all the paperwork you might need for your pet and update the new address on its microchip.

A dog sitting in a moving box.
Your pets can be very stressed during a move, so make sure you give them enough attention.

6.    Get packing supplies.

Getting enough packing supplies is usually one of the things people forget to do when moving house. Therefore, if you want your relocation to become a success, make sure you have everything you need. First, make sure you have enough cardboard or storage boxes and a lot of packing tape. Then, make labels for the boxes or use a marker to write what's inside them. Lastly, get some bubble wrap and newspaper for packing fragile items. If you manage to purchase your packing supplies on time, you can even handle a short notice move.

7.    Make a moving-out checklist.

Here are some of the things you can put on your walk through checklist before you move to make sure everything is ready for the trip:
●    Unplug all the appliances.
●    Check the refrigerator for any leftovers.
●    Remove all your stuff from the house.
●    Clean the place spotless.
●    Take out the trash.
●    Return the keys to your landlord.
●    Keep all the important papers you might need with you.
●    Prepare a bag with enough food and water for the trip.
●    Check with your moving company for an estimated time of arrival.
●    Clear a parking space for the moving van.

Of course, you may add or delete items from the checklist to adapt them to your move; we understand that each relocation is unique.

A couple checking their list of things people usually forget to do when moving house.
Making a checklist is one of the things people usually forget to do when moving house.

In conclusion

Having to cope with packing, finding the appropriate moving company, and other essential matters might cause you to overlook important aspects of a move. Therefore, our list of things people usually forget to do when moving house can help you stay focused on all the details. Make a note of everything we have mentioned and double-check it from time to time to ensure you didn't forget anything.

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