Sep 3, 2021

7 Types of Window Shutters and Why You Should Consider Them

Summary: Shutters are not a preferred type of window treatment but they should be, as they bring balance, character, and aesthetics to a room. In addition, different types of shutters bring something different to the table. You are sure to find a style of window shutters to fit your needs. 

Homeowners don’t often consider shutters for their window treatments but they are an extremely versatile option. Window shutters offer warmth, security, and visual luxury. There is a wide variety of shutters available and it is vital to understand the differences between them. Knowing their benefits will help you pick the right one for your window.

How to Differentiate Between Window Shutters

1. Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters consist of a single unit running from the top to bottom of the window. It is classic and elegant, and you can position its louver to filter light while maintaining privacy. They can be used in most rooms but are most impactful in living rooms. You can also use a row of shutters in spaces with a large stretch of glass.

2. Tier on Tier

These window shutters comes in two parts that are independent of each other. So, these shutters give you superior control over light and privacy. You can open the top half to allow natural light in and keep the bottom half closed for privacy. They can be used through your home but are especially suitable for bedrooms and bathrooms. They are also ideal for study rooms and living rooms.

3. Cafe Style

Cafe-style shutters are fitted on the lower part of your window (as in cafes) to protect your privacy while the upper half stays open for light. You can add sheer curtains on top for added character, charm, and individuality. 

4. Solid

Solid shutters are a more traditional window option. They come in a single solid panel in a variety of looks for you to choose from. You can either go for the full height shutter look or tier on tier or a combination of both. They can deliver full blackout, hence they are perfect for bedrooms. You can pair them with blinds for the ultimate blackout experience.

5. Tracked

Tracked window shutters are best for French, bi-folding, or patio doors that require a covering that fits securely and doesn’t hinder their operation. Tracked shutters offer smooth and effortless transition of the door and window panels every time. 

6. Bay Windows

As the name suggests, these shutters are perfect for bringing a timeless and elegant look to your bay windows. They will fit perfectly and can be customized in a variety of styles to suit your needs. 

7. Uniquely-Shaped Windows

If you have a uniquely-shaped window, you need shutters that fit their specific dimensions. These are customized with specially-designed louvers and unique moulds to fit all shapes and sizes of windows. 

Shutters are one of the best home window treatments. They might not be available in various textures and fancy colours but are sure to deliver the best results. For a more versatile look, pair them with blinds and curtains. When used correctly, they can add character, a little drama, and comfort to your home.

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